Hurricane Lamp Centerpiece

Nuts, oranges, and pine branches transform this hurricane lamp into a holiday centerpiece!

Celebrate the Yuletide season by fashioning this centerpiece, which showcases mixed nuts, oranges, and pine branches.

What to Do
1. Start with a tall clear glass hurricane with an enclosed bottom. Apply a little candle tack to the bottom of a taper candle. Center the candle in the bottom of the hurricane.

2. Carefully arrange mixed nuts around the candle. We also tucked in some fresh kumquats. These small yellow-orange citrus fruits break up the brown tones of the nuts. Position the filled hurricane on the table.

3. Place several short fresh evergreen and holly branches around the base of the hurricane. Set Clove-Studded Oranges (see below) on the branches.

4. The contents of the hurricane and the Clove-Studded Oranges can be assembled several days in advance. On Christmas morning, set the branches around the hurricane, then top with the oranges.

Clove-Studded Oranges

Traditional pomanders are studded with cloves, covered with a special spice mix and allowed to dry. For the easy-to-prepare pomanders, use a metal skewer or nail to create a spiral design on the oranges. Insert whole cloves into each hole. Position oranges on the branches for the Hurricane Lamp Centerpiece. The pomanders can also be displayed in a clear glass bowl. This centerpiece pairs well with other DIY Christmas decor such as a bow wreath, which is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit while also staying under budget.

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