Santa’s Elf Lost His Boot in This Hidden Picture—Can You Find It?

Most people took more than 2 minutes to spot it.

Between festive parties, all the gift shopping, and the rush to decorate, the holiday season gets crazy for us all—but even crazier for Santa’s workshop. In a brainteaser from Attic Self Storage, one of St. Nick’s frazzled elves lost his boot in the shuffle, and that’s the last thing he should be worrying about. Who else will finish wrapping the presents and loading Santa’s sleigh?

The average person took 139 seconds to find the little boot. In that time, Santa could have visited 2,694,724 homes, per Attic Self Storage’s estimations. There’s not a moment to lose! Can you find the boot faster?

01-brainteaser-santas-elf-lost-his-boot-in-this-hidden-picture-can-you-find-it-courtesy-attic-self-storagecourtesy attic self storage

If you haven’t solved this yet, keep trying! This hidden picture puzzle is tricky, but it just might jump out to you. For a hint, the lost boot looks like this:

02-boot-santas-elf-lost-his-boot-in-this-hidden-picture-can-you-find-it-courtesy-attic-self-storagecourtesy attic self storage

Elf feet are famously tiny, so look closely. The elf made a fashionably festive choice with his red and green boots, but those colors blend in with the rest of the Christmas decorations in Santa’s storage unit.

Give up yet? You can find the answer below—but don’t peek until you’re sure you can’t solve this puzzle.

03-solution-santas-elf-lost-his-boot-in-this-hidden-picture-can-you-find-it-courtesy-attic-self-storagecourtesy attic self storage

Now Santa’s helpers can get to the real challenge: delivering presents to every kid in one night!

Ready to put your eyes to the test again? See if you can spot the differences in these 10 pictures.

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