90 Christmas Puns That Are Elfin Hilarious

These funny Christmas puns are guaranteed to make Santa's belly shake like a bowl full of jelly.

Use these Christmas puns to sleigh your guests with laughs

There are plenty of reasons people love celebrating Christmas, but one of the best things about the holiday is getting together with loved ones and sharing plenty of laughs. Telling the newest Christmas jokes you learned (including ones specifically for kids), sharing funny Christmas memes, and even explaining some clever Christmas riddles gets the holiday humor going. Before you know it, you’re laughing harder than you have in a long time. Something else that can get the laughs going? Hilarious Christmas puns.

A good Christmas pun is equal parts clever and funny, with the ability to make anyone bust a gut. We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas puns for you to break out at holiday parties, Christmas dinner, and other festive celebrations. Let the holiday humor fly!

Make it rein, deer with a rain cloud over a dearrd.com, Getty Images

Funny Christmas puns

1. Sleigh it ain’t so

2. Single bells, single bells, single all the way

3. Make it rein, deer

4. Don’t mind the resting Grinch face

5. It’s the most wonderful time for a beer

6. Hold me closer, tiny Dancer

7. The Christmas spirit really soots you

8. This hot chocolate is delicious, may I have some myrrh?

9. This Christmas is ornameant to be the best one yet

10. You’re adorabell

11. Simply having a wonderful Christmas thyme

12. That’s a wrap

13. I only have ice fir yule

14. Who’s Santa’s favorite cartoon character? Chimney Cricket.

15. Baby it’s coald outside

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I'm s-mitten with you with mittens and handdrawn hearts around themrd.com, Getty Images

Cute Christmas puns

16. Oh deer

17. Have a beyuletiful Christmas

18. I sleigh during the holidays

19. Don’t be rude-olph this holiday season

20. Stocking up on our favorite holiday treats

21. I’ve got my ice on you under the mistletoe

22. Let’s get this gingerbread

23. I’m s-mitten with you

24. I can feel the Christmas spirit from my head to my mistletoes

25. I got my mind set on yule

26. Everything looks in peppermint condition

27. You’re my snow angel

28. Can you feel the chemistree between us?

29. I bewreath in the spirit of Christmas

30. It’s possibell to not feel festive right now

Watch where you light the Christmas candles this year—you don't want Santa to become Krisp Kringle with candle and handrawn Santa beard getting singedrd.com, Getty Images

Santa puns

31. Let’s make santamental Christmas memories

32. Did you know Santa has another favorite snack besides milk and cookies? Kringle cut fries!

33. Rebel without a Santa Claus

34. Christmas is always a claus for celebration

35. Christmas is a special time of year, as Santa graces you with his presents

36. What are Santa’s lucky suits in cards? The red suits, of course

37. It’s a simple case of claus and effect

38. I’m clausitive this will be a Christmas to remember

39. Watch where you light the Christmas candles this year—you don’t want Santa to become Krisp Kringle

40. No need to claus a scene!

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Make it rein, deer with elf hat and camera flash drawingrd.com, Getty Images

Elf puns

41. Yes, I’m elf-aware of my abundant Christmas spirit

42. Be your best elf

43. Treat your elf

44. Don’t forget to snap that Christmas elfie

45. Did you hear that Christmas joke? It’s elfin hilarious!

46. Share the welf during the holidays

47. Have your elf a merry little Christmas

48. Believe in your elf this Christmas

49. I have a helfy dose of Christmas cheer

50. Did you hear about the elfabet change? Now, there’s noel!

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Coal in my stocking? Snow thanks. There is a stocking with snowflakes filling itrd.com, Getty Images

Snow puns

51. Coal in my stocking? Snow thanks.

52. I’d never flake on you during Christmas

53. We’re having snow much fun

54. There’s snow place like home for the holidays

55. Do you snow what time it is?

56. You snow the ways to melt my heart

57. You can tell which dessert the snowmen brought by looking at the icing

58. Do they snow it’s Christmas?

59. I’ll stop the world and melt with you

60. It’s snow secret that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year

This is my favorite glow up with Christmas lights and glow drawn aroundrd.com, Getty Images

Christmas tree puns

61. Fir real

62. You could say we’re sprucing things up with the Christmas tree this year

63. Lighten up

64. Everything’s looking treemendous for Christmas

65. Think we can branch out this holiday season?

66. Watts up, doc?

67. You’re so pine, and you’re mine

68. This is my favorite glow up

69. Pining for you

70. Fir-get about it

Excited for Santa Paws to bring lots of treats with plate of cookies milk surrounded by handdrawn dog pawsrd.com, Getty Images

Dog Christmas puns

71. Excited for Santa Paws to bring lots of treats

72. Can’t wait to woof down Christmas dinner

73. I’ll be home for the howlidays

74. Furry Christmas

75. Gather around for some exciting Christmas tails

76. Pawsitively having a wonderful Christmas time

77. Counting down the days to Christmutts

78. ‘Tis the season to be furry

79. We wish you a fluffy Christmas

80. A blue Christmas? Fur-get about it!

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Crank the Christmas mewsic with boombox and cat ears drawn onrd.com, Getty Images

Cat Christmas puns

81. Mewoy Christmas—and Happy Mew Year

82. What a purrfect Christmas

83. Crank the Christmas mewsic

84. Feline festive

85. It’s impawsible to be this cute around Christmas

86. What a meowvelous time of year

87. Jack Furost nipping at your nose

88. Out of eggnog? You’ve got to be kitten me!

89. Santa Claws is coming to town

90. And Ma in her kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled down to a long winter’s (cat) nap

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