6 Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While You Cook

Six tricks to be a spotless gourmet.

tray of baking supplies
Travis Rathbone for Reader’s Digest

• For cleaner counters, place all ingredients on an empty baking sheet prior to prepping them. (This will help you catch spills and avoid wasting time hunting for an item as you cook.)

• To prevent an olive oil bottle from becoming greasy, secure a folded paper towel around its neck with a rubber band; the towel will absorb any drips.

• Break a glass? If a tumbler tumbles, pick up the shards with a slice of white bread—even tiny slivers will cling to it.

• To protect a treasured recipe card (or cookbook or magazine or phone) from splatters and stains, place it under a clean glass pot lid.

• As you cook, toss scraps, eggshells, and other garbage into a large bowl. This will contain messes and save time if a trash can isn’t readily accessible. Line the bowl with a plastic bag to make cleanup even easier.

• Keep your thumbs squeaky-clean by using a wine cork to make an indent in thumbprint cookies.

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