This Infographic Will Make Cleaning Your Closet SO Much Easier

Toss or keep? Purge your closet without the fear of regret thanks to this handy chart.

This-Infographic-Will-Make-Cleaning-Your-Closet-SO-Much-EasierCourtesy TicoandTina.comCleaning out a closet always sounds so much easier said than done. You know your wardrobe is filled with clothes you never actually wear, but you start second-guessing yourself every time you pull out those least-worn pieces.

After all, that dress you haven’t worn in two years could be perfect for an ultra-specific occasion that may or may not actually happen. Or maybe an out-of-style top will come back in fashion and you’ll regret giving it away.

When you’re debating whether to toss or keep, this flowchart from blog Tico and Tina will make your decision for you. You’ll thank us later.

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Marissa Laliberte
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