This Closet Decluttering Trick Is So Simple, You’ll Wonder How You Never Thought of It Before

Feeling stuck about how to declutter your closet? No problem. Use this one simple trick to keep your clothes closet clutter free!

Keeping your clothes closet clutter free can be challenging. Tucked between the tops and tees you wear are the suits, sweaters, and skirts you don’t. Then there are the shoes and sandals, the boots and bags, and all those belts.

You know you need to declutter—it can make you a lot happier—but where should you start?


Put a donate clothes bag on the floor of your closet

Flip through your reusable shopping bag collection, there is a good chance you already own a bag you can use. Choose a sturdy, medium-sized bag, one that won’t take up too much floor space and will be easy to carry after you have filled it with donatons. This will be the one place to toss unwanted shoes, accessories and clothes as you declutter the closet. Once the bag has been filled, simply donate the clothes.

As you find clothes to donate toss them directly into the bag. It makes it easy to just drop donations right inside the bag when it is sitting upright on the floor of the closet. You’ll only make double the work for yourself if you put these items back in the closet because you’ll have to go back and declutter them later.

A good rule of thumb is to declutter anything you would not buy again today. Keep things that fit, flatter, and are your favorites! Someone else will get use from the items you don’t wear, so why not declutter by gathering up shoes, accessories and clothes to donate?

The bag of donations might take a few weeks to fill, and if during that time you want something back, it’s there waiting for you. This prevents you from letting something go, wishing you’d kept it, and regretting your decision to donate.

Now you know the one simple trick for how to declutter your closet! Consistently donate clothes from the bag, it’s a simple way to maintain a clutter-free closet.

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