12 Closet Door Ideas for Every Type of Space

Sure, closet doors need to be functional, first and foremost, but that doesn't mean you can't also conceal your wardrobe in the style it deserves. Read on to learn all about the types of closet doors.

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When it comes to closet organization ideas, switching out your door might not be the number one thing that pops into your head. Instead, you’re probably thinking about how to organize your closet. But if you really want to make your closet look beautiful from the moment you see it, start thinking about some closet door ideas you might want to try first. Doing so may not initially seem like it’ll make a huge difference, but that small change will instantly upgrade the appearance and space of your room and make it easier for you to get in and out of your closet.

So how do you know what the best closet door is for you? First, you need to think about how you want your closet’s door to open and close (depending on your space, that decision may be made, or at least, narrowed down, for you). Then, you’ll want to determine how much you want to spend. Lastly, you’ll need to consider if you want a closet door alternative, like curtain doors, or if you’d rather go with something like bi-fold doors or French doors.

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to closet doors, so if you’re having trouble narrowing it down one, don’t worry. Replacing your existing door doesn’t have to be as hard or as time-consuming as you may think, so don’t let that scare you away from changing yours. Check out the closet doors we rounded up below to help you find out what the best closet door for you is. We included some small closet ideas and larger closet ones, so there’s one for every shape and size.

Best closet doors

If your current door is an eyesore or taking up too much space, consider replacing it with one of the following closet door ideas:

bi-fold closet doors in a bedroommaruco/Getty Images

Bi-fold closet doors

If you’re trying to come up with some small closet ideas that’ll give you complete access to your wardrobe, you’ll love bi-fold doors. They are made with two small panels that fold into each other as they are opened so they don’t block off large sections of clothes that are hung up. They will not only add character to your wall but opening them won’t cut into your room’s space like a normal door would. They are also easy to paint so you can customize them however you’d like.

Modern bedroom closet with sliding doors, one panel is a mirrorcunfek/Getty Images

Sliding closet door ideas

Sliding doors give off a modern and stylish look. They are installed on a track and are easy to open and close. They are a great option if your closet is located in a smaller room and can be found in many colors of wood or feature a mirror front. The advantage of a mirrored door is that it helps your space look bigger.

Bypass Sliding Closet Doorsvia homedepot.com

Bypass closet doors

Are you searching for closet door ideas that don’t involve doors that swing open? Consider bypass closet doors. Their hardware lets each door slide in front of each other on any part of the track and they don’t swing outward, which makes these a popular choice for smaller size rooms.

Glass Sliding Closet Doors in a bedroomvia wayfair.com

Glass closet doors

These beautiful doors add a little elegance to your closet’s outward appearance. Glass closet doors are naturally transparent, so if you aren’t in love with how the inside of your closet looks, you might want to start jotting down some closet lighting ideas you can work on after you install these. Then make sure your clothes and shoes are organized inside your closet because if they aren’t, there’s no hiding the mess you made.

modern bedroom with a closet featuring french doorsFOTOGRAFIA INC./Getty Images

French closet doors

When it comes to classic closet door ideas, make sure French doors are on your list. They are eye-catching, work well for walk-in closets, and many even come pre-hung so they aren’t super-hard to install. They are also made so that they can swing inward or outward so factor that in when selecting one for your home. (For most closets, you’ll want a door that swings outward rather than in.)

White chair and louvered closet doorstimsa/Getty Images

Louvered closet doors

These types of closet doors add texture to your room. You can find them in standard door options or in by-fold options as well. They look great in pretty much every room, but note that they’ll require regular dusting.

Closet door alternatives

If you’re in the mood for a closet door makeover, but want something non-traditional, there are a lot of cute closet door alternatives out there. Some options, like bead curtains and closet curtains, are easy to DIY. Deciding to trade in your typical closet door for something different is a smart choice if you’re on a budget or living in an apartment where you don’t want to make a big investment or put screws in the walls.

alternative closet door - Bookcase Murphy Doorvia homedepot.com

Do closets need doors?

Believe it or not, closets don’t have to have your typical, everyday-style door. Sure, most might have them, but it’s not a requirement. So if you’re bored of the doors on your closet, are looking for an exciting change, or just want to try a closet door alternative to save money, ditch the doors and do it.

How can I cover my closet without a door? What can I use instead of a closet door?

Just because you decide you don’t want to use a door or can’t have a door on your closet for whatever reason doesn’t mean your clothes, shoes, and accessories have to be on display for everyone to see. There are several other types of closet doors that you can buy or DIY to conceal that space. You can use fabric to create closet curtains, use strands or beads in front of the doorway, find a cool room divider or come up with another unique solution, like using murphy doors.

Modern bedroom interior with curtains as closet doorsIP Galanternik D.U./Getty Images

Closet curtain

Closet curtain doors are a stylish and simple alternative to a wooden door. You can go bold with patterns or sophisticated with rich fabrics, like velvet. All you need is a single curtain rod and floor-length curtains of your choice. This closet door alternative can also be switched out seasonally or whenever you want a change. These also work well when as a no closet solution.

Beaded curtain

When it comes to bold and creative closet door ideas, hanging a beaded curtain is the way to go. They are a pretty and whimsical replacement, aren’t hard to install, and can be a good way to add a pop of color and texture to your space. You can even find ones with patterns that can act as wall art.

Macrame curtain

One way to incorporate a boho-like door is with a macrame curtain. The best part about this is you can DIY your own that you can customize to your liking or you can purchase one that’s pre-made. Either way, they are statement pieces!

Room divider/privacy screen

If your room is large, there are a lot of closet door ideas that will work. One of the more unique ones is to place a room divider in front of your closet. They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Homestyle Regent Pvc Folding Doorvia walmart.com

Accordion door

These doors fold in on themselves, are lightweight, cheap, and easy to hang. Accordion doors work especially well for wide closets that are in small rooms.

Bookcase murphy doors

If you don’t want anyone to know where your closet is, using murphy doors is a fun option that lets you hide your closet. The bookcase-looking doors are fitted into your existing door’s frame and installed using hardware. They offer extra storage and display space, however, they can be on the pricey side.

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