Coca-Cola Has Hidden Images on Its Holiday Cans. Can You Spot Them?

Polar bears are so full of secrets.

Polar bears have a carbonated beverage of choice and it comes, frequently, in a glass bottle. Coca-Cola debuted polar bears as their new arctic advertising animal in 1993 and since then, the Coke polar bears have become indelible in pop culture—spotting a polar bear on a can of Coke in the winter is a given. (This is the reason why Coke tastes so much better at McDonald’s.)

But the familiarity of our favorite polar bears may make you overlook the minutia of the Coke can’s holiday design. There are two hidden quirks that can be found if you have an eye for detail and a nose for a ruse. Photos courtesy of @the_boyks.

If you look closely at each polar bear’s nose, the shape of a Coke bottle glistens while their eyes (with their perfectly-maintained eyelashes) are actually Coke bottle caps. This design style was first used for the 2016 holiday season and then brought back again this year.

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