Cold Dog in a Onesie Will Warm Your Heart

This canine is too cute and too cold!

File this under “Aww”: English pooch Lily has a rare bacterial skin infection that’s taken her fur, so owner Anne Rees keeps her all bundled up in an adult onesie to help protect against the elements.

“The onesie is a really good fit for her, and it keeps her warm when we’re outside—she loves wearing it and all the fuss she gets,” Rees told the Daily Mail.

Honestly, the bald Shar Pei is cute enough on its own, but the addition of tiger print pajamas makes it all but completely irresistible. And hey, the dog’s can-do spirit is inspirational, too: I’ll think of Lily next time I have to bundle up for a cold run to the corner deli.

Feeling as chilly as Lily? This blanket is exactly what you need for the cold winter months.

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