This Amazing Grandkid Photoshoot Idea Is Perfect for Big Families

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familyAnnabelle Rose PhotographyFor Chrissy Roussell, bigger is always better. While some big families might struggle to get all (17!) kiddos to get together and smile for a photo—let alone look at the camera at the same time—hers managed to pull it off.

Roussell and her siblings (three brothers and two sisters!) dressed their children up in T-shirts that were both numbered to match their birth order AND color-coordinated by family sibling sets. Then the cousins just lined up in numerical order, and voila! Photo op complete.

“When we were lining them up for the picture, we shouted out each number and each child proudly marched down to his or her spot, smiling ear-to-ear,” Roussell told “It was actually pretty easy to get the littlest ones to stand still, because they were so happy to be a part of all the excitement!”

The entire photoshoot was a family affair. Roussell’s sister, Maryellen, crafted the shirts, and her sister-in-law, Katie Fox—the photographer behind Annabelle Rose Photography—snapped the gem.

familyAnnabelle Rose PhotographyThe photo, which Roussell posted on her blog, has a heartwarming backstory, too. They organized it not only to celebrate their growing family, but also to honor the memory of their grandfather (Chrissy’s father) who passed away three years ago.

One month after her dad’s death, Roussell became pregnant with triplet girls, kids 13, 14, and 15. Her nephews, numbers 16 and 17, were also conceived during that month. The family calls these kids the “Frederick Five” after their late father and grandfather.

In the end, nothing beats having 17 kiddos around on their family vacation to the beach. They’re considered “my dad’s greatest legacy,” Roussell says.

“Having a big family means lots of noise, laughter, and, most importantly, love,” Chrissy told POPSUGAR. “Between the 17 cousins, there’s always someone to play with and have fun with. They have a ball together. I loved having a big family growing up, and I’m so happy that my kids have the same experience.”

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