12 Common Marketing Phrases That Are Total BS

"Acquired taste" = "Horrible food."

Get your BS in BS by learning these marketing euphemisms from the new book Spinglish by Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf:

marketing slang acquired taste

Acquired taste.

A food writer described this as “something people only ever say about foods that are horrible.”

Ahead of its time.

A book-publishing euphemism for “It bombed.”

Bad citation.


Courtesy call.

An unsolicited phone call from a telemarketer.


A real estate term for a property that might more accurately be described as a “tearer-downer.”

Friendly reminder.

Urgent warning.

Learning opportunity.

A mistake.

Maturity tracks.


Robust exchange of views.

A shouting match.


Contains bones.

Utensil-maintenance professional.



An impressive-sounding business term to use instead of admitting that you’re doing absolutely nothing.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest