Why You Should Swap Your Shower Routine and Condition Before You Shampoo

This simple switch can do wonders for your hair.


Everyone tends to keep his or her shower routine pretty simple and consistent. Wet your hair, shampoo, condition, wash your body, wash your face, and then do whatever else you need to do to get clean. But recently, hair care brands and stylists have been suggesting that you switch things up and condition your hair first followed by shampoo. (These are other hair-washing mistakes you might not realize you’re making.)

This method helps your hair not get weighed down by shampoo, which allows it to have more volume and nourishment. The shampoo works to whisk away any excess conditioner that may cause your hair to look greasy or flat. Switching your hair cleaning routine is especially helpful for people with fine, damaged, knotty, thin, greasy, or highlighted hair.

TRESemmé is among the first companies to promote conditioning before you shampoo with their Beauty-Full Volume line. Their slogan, “Pre-condition for softness, then shampoo to wash away weight. Reverse the routine for touchable volume.” But don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a new brand of shampoo and conditioner. You can simply just switch around your routine with the bottles you already have. You might also want to consider simply showering less often.

Something to note when making this switch is that you can now condition your whole head as opposed to just then ends of your hair. Since the shampoo washes it away you don’t have to worry about the conditioner leaving your hair looking greasy.

Now go swap your shower routine; it’s not hard so why not give it a try?

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