11 Unbelievable Construction Fails That Will Definitely Make You Nervous for No Reason

We beg you: Do not try these at home.

Better than nothing?

"I’ll hold the ladder. No, the other one." from OSHA

No matter how safe you think you are, these are home improvement projects you should never DIY.

Stairs + ladder + books + board = Sturdy

Looks good enough from OSHA

Real talk: You might have these other death traps waiting in your home.

Still trying to figure out how it got on

When tow trucks are too expensive and a new paint and other minor repairs aren’t from OSHA

Don’t put the water on too strong

Charge your phone, or stay hydrated. The choice is yours. from OSHA

As long as you aren’t making a big mistake like that, you can ignore these phone charging myths.

Hold on tight

…and that’s how I got my head stuck in wet cement. from OSHA

Solid ground is for wimps

No chance it will slip from OSHA

Even if you aren’t into DIY projects, your home isn’t safe if it has these fire hazards.

If one is safe, two are safer, right?

No scaffolding, No problem from OSHA

Better hope he doesn’t need to scratch his nose

Hold it… Hold it… There! from OSHA

Sometimes, a new charger is worth the money

I’m sure that’s safe (spotted in a display at Authentiks at the mall) from OSHA

Find out why even charging your phone in bed is a safety risk.

Hanging by a (electric) thread

Is this legit? from OSHA

Instead of taking a huge chance, try one of these cheap projects that make your home look good as new.

Putting an emphasis on forklift

How to properly use a forklift. from OSHA

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