6 Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

How to ensure your kitchen stays spotless and organized.

After you’ve cooked a meal, your kitchen should not look like the food fight scene from Animal House. Here are some suggestions to ensure your kitchen receives the same applause as the meals it helps to make:

1. To keep airborne grease and such away from counters, turn on the exhaust fan when you’re cooking on the stovetop.

2. To cut down on jumping tomato sauce and other messes, use big pots and pans, with their lids.

3. When you deep-fry, sauté, or otherwise cook foods that spit, line kitchen counters around your stove with newspapers or paper grocery bags, cut open to extend them. (Always keep these papers away from any heat source.)

4. For oven splatters from a pie or casserole bubbling over, sprinkle the stains with salt to keep the smoke down and to make your eventual cleanup job much easier.

5. To protect the fabric in kitchen chairs, which is always under assault, especially from kids dribbling oatmeal and ice cream, have the fabric laminated for easy wiping.

6. If you have removable cushions on your chairs, have just one side laminated. The easy-wipe side is for everyday use, and the other side is for special occasions. To find someone to laminate fabric for you, consult a fabric store or go through an interior designer.

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