Why You’re Wasting Your Time Every Time You Cook Corn

Be free, children of the cook-free corn.

Amazing-snapshot/ShutterstockThe old adage about corn goes: “Corn, corn, the magical kernels, the more you eat, the more you write in your journals (about how long it took you to cook it).” That real folksy saying has corn all wrong, however. The parenthetical section of the old-timey farm maxim neglects to notice the fact that corn doesn’t actually need to be cooked at all.

This isn’t a new development—corn didn’t suddenly evolve to the point of edibility sans-cooking. Lifehacker’s Claire Lower made the keen observation and now it has freed the corn-consuming populace for the remaining months of summer.

In the corn season of 2014/2015 (corn seasons are measured from September 1st-August 31st because of crop circles, probably), the United States grew over 14 billion bushels of corn, which comes out about 360 million metric tons. Eighty seven percent of that corn stayed right here in the United States—it’s fair to say Americans have a hankering for corn.

Be free, children of the cook-free corn. Make corn salsa, bacon corn, corn on the cob, all without the added effort of switching on the grill or cranking on the steamer. Can’t manage to kick the cooked-corn habit? Then try this simple trick for cooking up some seriously amazing corn on the cob. 

Another mind-blowing fact: candy corn can also be consumed raw. 

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