This Country Sees More Canceled Ubers Than Any Other

If you’re in a rush, a canceled Uber can be very inconvenient and potentially make you later than if you took public transportation.

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A canceled Uber can be super inconvenient if you’re trying to get to the airport or a meeting downtown on time. Luckily, the app is pretty reliable and often the most convenient way to get from point A to point B. But there are some places where you might want to find a different mode of transportation because the chances of your Uber getting canceled are high.

The folks over at Driving Tests surveyed 775 Americans who have traveled outside of the country and taken an Uber during their visit. They were asked about the best ride-sharing experience they had, their overall Uber experience, the driver’s attitude, the driver’s quality of driving, the chattiness of the driver, and the country that they experienced the most canceled rides in. Before you book your next ride, make sure you don’t fall for these Uber scams.

Topping the list for the country with the most canceled Ubers is Morocco with 42% of the surveyed passengers experiencing canceled rides. Next in line was the United States with 37%, then South Africa with 33%, then Brazil with 32%. At the very bottom of the list were Ireland, Germany, and Italy. Ireland also got good scores in a few other categories including overall rank and driver’s attitude.

So, if you’re visiting Morocco and need to get to your gate on time you’ll probably want to book a train, taxi, or bus to be safe. You’ll also want to make sure you know about these secrets Uber drivers want you to know so you can be a good passenger.

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