This Is the Hair Color You’re Definitely Going to Want This Fall

If you've been flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine lately, you have undoubtedly seen your favorite celebrities and influencers rocking the cream soda hair trend. Here's everything you need to know about it.

hair-colorCourtesy of Crystal Frehner of Hottie Hair Salon ExtensionsThe cream soda hair trend has officially swept all the way across the country from Los Angeles to New York City. We saw it grace the runways of so many shows during New York Fashion Week, and the buttery, creamy hues that this color illuminates with every single flip of your head is exactly everything cool you picture when you hear the words “cream soda hair.” When done correctly, it’s the color that you will covet this season—just be sure not to make these mistakes when coloring your hair.

Just like so many blonde things, it originated when, “Los Angeles-based hair colorists were transitioning their blondes and brunettes to achieve a fall color aesthetic,” says Lee Rittiner celebrity hair stylist and face of TotaLee Hair Care. “It’s a gradient of color from the roots to the tips, but has an overall feel of being a soft golden beige tone. The highlights and low lights of color cream together and gives dimension, but not a lot of contrast.” Translation: It’s the perfect fall color for blondes or brunettes.

hair-colorCourtesy of Crystal Frehner of Hottie Hair Salon ExtensionsCrystal Frehner, owner of Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions shares, “Cream soda hair is totally trending for fall because it’s a soft golden amber-ish color that is the equivalent to appearing more bronzy and golden (think the sun-kissed tan everyone craves but in a hair format.) The big thing in 2017 has been a super ash look, and I believe everyone is ready for something more neutral, that will balance and flatter any face shape and tone. Cream soda can look good on anyone and comes in different levels of blonde and brown while packing in dimension. It’s a great low maintenance color that still brightens up your face. Cream soda hues go with all of your new outfits for fall unlike previous styles such a unicorn that can limit your make palette and wardrobe choices.” Stars like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted sporting the on-trend shade.

hair-colorCourtesy of Crystal Frehner of Hottie Hair Salon ExtensionsBoth stylists agree that this is most definitely something that you want to leave to the professionals and not try at home. But, Frehner says if you’re naturally two to three shades away from the cream hair color you’re trying to achieve, you may be able to do it. “Divide your hair in quadrants when applying dye and don’t ball the hair up in a little bun on your head like some people tend to do after there or it will leave patches. Leave hair down after dye is applied.”

So ask for cream soda hair at your next appointment with your stylist, and you will be loving your new locks in no time. After you have the perfect hue, use these tips to help stretch the time in between dye jobs.

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