After Seeing These Curly-Haired Cats, You’ll Want to Adopt One Immediately

We can't even deal with all of this fluffy cuteness.

It all started in 1987 at a shelter in Montana, where six kittens were born and one of them had curly hair (and whiskers!). The curly-haired kitten was adopted by Jeri Newman, a Persian cat breeder, who hoped that the kitten would potentially carry a rex gene, which is the mutation that results in soft, curly fur. Newman named her new feline friend after how often she pestered people for attention: Miss DePesto. And so, Miss DePesto made her way into the world, stealing the hearts of everyone who laid eyes on her.

A few years later, Newman introduced Miss DePesto to one of her male Persian cats, which evidently led to more curly-haired kittens (three of the six received the dominant curly gene). In 1992, The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) officially added the Selkirk rex breed under their “Miscellaneous Class” listing, being named after Newman’s step-father.

According to the International Cat Association, “Sometimes called the cat in sheep’s clothing, these gentle cats bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart just like that favorite toy did when you were young. These plush-coated, medium-sized cats with solid boning and bodies fill your arms when you pick them up for a quick hug and cuddle.” In other words, we have never wanted to adopt a cat so fast!

This very concentrated cat named Toulouse with an Instagram account dedicated to him.

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This adorably distracted kitten who also has his own Instagram.

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This grey and white kitty who seems a little startled and confused.

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Stretching after a long, hard day of napping

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