This Dad Did the Most Heroic Thing to “Heal” His 6-Year-Old’s Doggie Stuffed Animal

How many little girls can say their father did this for them?

father_leaves_daughter_sweetest_memory_only_6Illustration by Kagan McLeod

Toto was a white dog with a small red tongue, and his stuffing was red as well.

When his seams began to come apart beneath his knitted collar, it looked to my six-year-old eyes as though he were bleeding.

That night, my father left for his shift in the emergency room with Toto wrapped in a blanket. The next day, Dad showed me the X-rays and Polaroid photographs of the surgery. Beneath the bandage on Toto’s neck was a clean row of stitches.

I still have the injury report! I love you, Dad.

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