There’s a Single Dancer Hidden in These Flamingos—Can You Find Her?

See past the surge of pink!

In a time when we could all use a little mental stimulation, all sorts of different platforms are stepping up to provide entertainment, from funny videos to much-needed good news to time-killing puzzles. And for those who prefer some pink in their puzzlement, we have the perfect brain teaser for you.

The United Kingdom–based dance apparel company Dancewear Central, who also provided us with this tricky puzzle where only 10 percent of people can spot the difference, posted this perplexing pink plethora on its Instagram page. It’s a simple premise: Among this flock of flamingos, there’s a single ballerina. The trick, of course, lies in the fact that the ballerina’s tutu is the same color as the birds, and the ruffle of her dress is a ringer for the flamingos’ wings. Not to mention, her blond hair, up in a bun, is the same color as the birds’ beaks. Suffice it to say, she blends in pretty well.

See if you can spot her! Or, if you prefer word problems, check out these brain teasers that will leave you stumped.

Need a hint? You can ignore the top half of the image; she’s not there.

Ready for the answer?

flamingo magic eye solutionCourtesy Dancewear Central

Yup, there she is, just above and to the right of the bottom left corner! Now the question remains, is she not worried about the potential dangers (not to mention the uncleanliness) of being surrounded by so many birds so close together?! (No more worried than this black cat hiding in a cluster of bats!)

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