This Cooling Blanket Has Thousands of Fans on Amazon—And Now I’m One of Them

Updated: May 29, 2024

I said goodbye to sweaty, sleepless nights thanks to this inexpensive Amazon find.

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Waking up at night in a hot sweat is a recipe for disaster for me. Unfortunately, it’s a regular occurrence in the heat of a Chicago summer. My bedroom is located right above my house’s garage, which means it gets extra cold in the winter and extra hot in the summer. I’ve bought fans, cooling sheets and silk pillowcases, but none keep me cool enough in the dead of summer.  

While it’s not exactly peak temperature in Chicago yet (that won’t hit until August), my bedroom has been warming up considerably. And with the heat comes my search for cooling products that’ll keep me comfortable all night. One such discovery is the Dangtop cooling blanket, a bedding option loved by thousands on Amazon. 

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What is the Dangtop cooling blanket? 

The Dangtop cooling blanket is a lightweight bedspread made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo’s fiber structure is porous and hollow, which means it’s more moisture-absorbing than cotton. It’s also more breathable than thicker materials, such as polyester and wool, because the lightweight fabric doesn’t trap heat.  

Bamboo is temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, so even if you’re a hot sleeper, air will still be flowing. Cooling-touch fabric like this one has a high heat capacity to adjust to the room. To really feel the effects of the blanket, use it in tandem with a temperature controlled bed system or air conditioner.  

The blanket itself comes in four sizes from twin to king. It’s available in nine different colors to match your bedroom decor (I chose the lavender option for this reason). I received mine in a sealed bag with an included laundry bag for easy washing.  

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Dangtop cooling blanket features 

Dangtop Cooling Blanket Close UpAndrea Carrillo/

The Dangtop cooling blanket uses spiro spinning technology to make the bamboo fiber more compact and durable. A diamond-shaped weave allows more breathability, and the blanket itself is lightweight, similar to a light bed quilt.  

It weighs just under three pounds but does feel a bit heavy, especially when it’s folded. The fabric is smooth to the touch, and the 90-by-90-inch queen size I ordered covered my memory foam mattress from end to end. My first impression was that it felt delicate and gauze-like, which made me wonder how it’d hold up.  

How I tested it 

I optimize my bedding to keep me cool—or so I thought. I sleep with a cooling sheet set, a comforter and Quince silk pajamas. My cooling pillows are charcoal-infused to absorb moisture. But as I previously mentioned, Chicago summers are a force to be reckoned with, often leaving me cranky and sweaty. 

Not one to shy away from color, I ordered the purple cooling blanket in a queen size to fit my bed. Upon arrival, the blanket felt heavy when folded, but I understood the lightweight appeal when it was spread across my queen mattress. The fabric was cool to the touch, but I still wondered how it would fare overnight.  

The first night worked in my favor because it was one of the first uncomfortably warm nights of the season. I skipped the top sheet to feel the blanket’s full effect. At first, I felt like the blanket might not be as cool as advertised because I felt warm under it, but as I drifted off to sleep, I did indeed feel cool and comfortable. 

In the morning, I realized that I hadn’t woken up once, didn’t feel hot and hadn’t pushed the blanket to the side at all. It was cooler than I’d predicted, and a welcome addition to my summer bedspread. I also found that folding it over added some weight, which made me feel secure, like a lighter version of a cooling weighted blanket

I’ve slept with the Dangtop cooling blanket for about three weeks now—with weekly washes in between—and found that aside from a bit of pilling, the blanket is a must-have. Keep in mind that the fabric is fragile if you’re not careful (my nameplate necklace catches on the edge sometimes, pulling the seams).

I’ve also used it in my office and on the couch while watching TV. At one point, while babysitting my eight-month-old niece, I used it as her nap blanket. She almost always sweats when she sleeps, but with the cooling blanket, she woke up fresher than ever. Two people fit under the bigger size, though I’ve only tested it by myself. 


  • Lightweight cooling blanket that regulates body temperature 
  • Made of bamboo fibers for extra breathability  
  • Available in four sizes 
  • Comes in nine colors 
  • Includes a laundry bag for easy washing 
  • Over 14,000 ratings on Amazon averaging 4.3 stars


  • Feels heavier when it’s folded 
  • The fabric pills easily if something snags on it 


Cooling Blanket On ChairAndrea Carrillo/

Do cooling blankets actually work?  

Cooling blankets are usually much lighter and more breathable than traditional blankets and duvets. Because they’re so lightweight and made from porous materials, hot sleepers (like myself) find them very comfortable.  

Can I put a cooling blanket in the dryer?  

Washing instructions vary from blanket to blanket. Air dry the Dangtop cooling blanket vertically on a clothes hanger in a cool place or on an air dry or no heat cycle. 

Do you use a top sheet with a cooling blanket?  

Top sheets, although not necessary, provide a barrier between the blanket and your body’s oils and sweat. However, the cooling blanket is lightweight enough to sleep or lounge with on its own. 

What other reviewers had to say 

Five-star reviewer Marcos had doubts about this blanket after trying any- and everything to stop night sweating. He says, “This blanket is very thin but still keeps you from being too cold at night. It has a good weight to it so it doesn’t feel like just another bed sheet. I highly highly highly recommend this blanket for anyone who constantly gets hot in the middle of the night no matter the temperature.” 

“I cannot sleep without a blanket on me,” writes verified purchaser Amber. “But ever since my hysterectomy about six years ago, I just radiate heat as soon as a lay down. It was getting so bad that my husband and I started sleeping with separate blankets because it would just be too hot. This blanket is a true game-changer! It is super comfortable and soft. When my hot flashes hit, the heat just goes up through the blanket keeping me nice and cool.”  

“I purchased this for my mother,” says Carolyn J. Young, another five-star reviewer. “Her new lift chair was extremely hot (even though it doesn’t have heat). I found this and thought she might use it to cool her back down when she sat and watched TV. She is now comfortable in her chair. So if it makes my mother not complain, I’m happy.”

Final verdict 

Overall, I’m sleeping much better since I added the Dangtop cooling blanket to my bedspread. I know it’ll come in handy for the hot summers, saving me from cranky mornings. The fabric isn’t the most durable against snags and pilling, but for the benefit of cool, comfortable nights, it’s worth it.

I also love the price, considering I’ve paid nearly $200 for my other sheets, comforter and pillows. Adding the inexpensive cooling blanket saves me from making an unnecessary splurge on other bedding.

Where to buy the Dangtop cooling blanket

Cooling Blanketvia merchant

The Dangtop cooling blanket is available on Amazon. Prices vary from $28 for the twin size to $50 for the king size, making it one of the best early Prime Day deals this year. Looking for a solution to night sweats? Consider this it.

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