My Feet Always Hurt—Until I Found These Danish Clogs at Zappos

This amateur chef's feet and body found relief in these must-have clogs.

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In addition to being a writer and an author, I absolutely love to cook. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Luckily, my wife is one of my biggest fans and loves the food that I cook for her, and so do our guests—or at least they did back when it was safe to have a crowd over. As a result, I spend a great deal of time in my kitchen cooking (and sometimes baking) for her, for us and for our friends and family—and I’m on my feet the entire time. Find out what your shoes say about your personality.

A decade or so ago, I didn’t realize the toll so much standing took on my feet, but fast forward to my current day-to-day and I’m in pain after a handful of hours. Our beautiful tile floors don’t help either—they’re really hard on my entire body after standing all day. I tried nearly every solution, from cooking in my bare feet to wearing high top sneakers and everything in between. Every pair of shoes left my legs, as well as my knees, feet, and back, sore and aching. I felt extra exhausted at the end of the day in addition to any other physical activity I took part in. It was as if I couldn’t find the stability and support that I really needed. Check out these genius tricks to make your shoes last longer.

Finding the shoe that saved my feet

I’d spent months combing through websites in search of a shoe that would give me the support I so badly needed, but it wasn’t until one of my friends pointed me in the direction of this pair of shoes she said were actually made for chefs—they’re the Lindsey from the Koi by Sanita Collection clogs made from patent leather and I found them on Sanita is a Danish brand that’s been handcrafting patent-leather clogs sine 1907! That’s a pretty long time to be in the shoe business, so I thought they must be doing something right. They make shoes that support specific types of professionals in the medical, education, and the restaurant industry. In other words, they make shoes that are meant to be worn for long periods of standing time. When I thought about it, I actually remembered seeing chefs on television and in-person wearing them in their kitchens and at food festivals. I was pretty desperate at this point, so I figured it was worth a try. Plus, if they worked for the professionals, they surely would work for a kitchen amateur like myself. Find out what really causes cracked heels—and how to get rid of them.

What I love about these shoes

Jenny Block zappos shoes Courtesy Jenny BlockThese shoes are miracle workers. I can stand on the tile floors in my kitchen for eight hours without taking a sitting break. I also don’t have any of the pain that I was suffering from before I bought them. The footbed is incredibly comfortable and spacious without being so roomy as to allow my feet to move or rub against the sides. They have a padded instep and the leather linings are nice and breathable so my feet don’t get overheated. The arch support is dreamy and they even make me a little taller, allowing me to reach some of the shelves in my kitchen that I usually cannot since I’m only five feet tall. Once in a while, I forget to put them on, and within an hour, I can tell I’m not wearing them and grab them before my aches and pains get any worse. I also love how easy they are to slip on—no need to tie any laces, I just simply slip my foot right in them like slippers.

Spreading the word about my find

I would absolutely recommend this pair of shoes. In fact, I already have! I have recommended them to our dog groomer who suffers from severe back pain. She is on her feet 10 to 12 hours a day and says these clogs have helped her immensely in terms of relieving that pain. Learn how to do your own pedicure in 6 easy steps.