Delta Airlines Is About to Roll Out Free Wi-Fi—Here’s What We Know

"It's here, it's fast and it's free," the airline states in a press release.

Delta Airlines has been blessing its customers with lots of perks in recent years. It’s no wonder many consider it to be one of the best airlines in the U.S.

In 2022, the airline made it possible to help fliers get free Starbucks and accumulate flight miles while attending Ticketmaster events through their rewards program. Coffee, concerts and sports events along with easier travel sound like our cup of tea! Plus, Delta was also named the airline with the second most on-time arrivals of 2022 which, after a holiday travel season of cancellations and delays galore, we can appreciate.

Now, the airline is giving travelers another reason to choose Delta in 2023. And this time, it has to do with free Wi-Fi.

Is the Wi-Fi really free on Delta?

It’s true: free Wi-Fi onboard Delta flights is the latest flying innovation here to stay.

After years of testing the feature—the company originally announced its plan to implement free Wi-Fi in 2018—and investments of more than $1 billion, Delta has become the “first major U.S. airline to introduce fast, free Wi-Fi for all,” a Delta press release states.

In partnership with T-Mobile, Delta vows to provide speedy Wi-Fi that is “available for everyone,” asserted Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show where the free Wi-Fi announcement was made on Jan. 5.

When can I access free Delta Wi-Fi?

The feature will begin its roll-out on Feb. 1. On the day of its launch, approximately 80% of its domestic fleet will have the service available. Following February, the airline plans to continue offering the service on even more of its planes.

So far, free Wi-Fi will only be offered domestically. But by the end of 2024, the airline is planning to add the service to international aircraft as well.

“Our vision has long been to deliver an experience at 30,000 feet that feel similar to what our customers have available on the ground,” Bastian affirms.

How do I get free Wi-Fi on Delta flights?

Free Wi Fi Boarding Door DecalCourtesy Delta Air Lines

In order to access this Wi-Fi onboard, travelers do need to be enrolled in the Delta SkyMiles rewards program. Fortunately, the program is free to join.

Additionally, the airline has made it even easier by allowing customers to join the program while in-air in order to access the Wi-Fi. As an added bonus, Delta SkyMiles members can access perks through Delta’s partnerships with companies like Starbucks.

Then, as long as the flight’s boarding door has a free Wi-Fi decal on it, customers can access the service on multiple devices.

Is free Delta Wi-Fi a big deal?

While free Wi-Fi may not seem like a big deal, it is a big deal for an airline to offer free Wi-Fi. Out of the “Big Three” airlines—United, American and Delta—Delta is the first to offer the perk for free.

Coming off a crazy holiday travel season with airline cancellations and delays across the board, Delta’s free Wi-Fi option also makes the airline more competitive in contrast to its competitors.

“At work, at home and everywhere in between, connectivity is essential to daily life, and your journey on Delta should be no different,” Bastian states.


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