Buying Ticketmaster Tickets? Here’s the Hidden Travel Hack You Didn’t Know About.

Get more from your next Ticketmaster purchase with this simple tip.

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There may be one upside to increasing Ticketmaster prices. For concert-goers who love to travel, a partnership between Delta Air Lines and Ticketmaster offers a win-win for users. Plus, between the holidays and a busy winter travel season, there’s no better time to rack up airline miles to reduce flight and hotel prices.

Yet, with tickets skyrocketing on Ticketmaster—for popular artists like Taylor Swift, some are reaching the thousands—fans may be frustrated. Not only are fans irritated, but several public figures have raised questions regarding ticket practices. Nonetheless, amidst anger regarding the pricey tickets, travel influencer, @jenonajetplane, shares one positive travel benefit fans can look to when it comes to costly tickets.

What is the hack?

“While everybody’s looking for Taylor Swift tickets,” the influencer says, “this is a good time to remind you that you get Delta miles for every purchase you make on Ticketmaster.” The hack Jen is referring to is part of Delta’s SkyMiles rewards program.


You can make your online purchases work for you by signing up for airline partners, like Ticketmaster. For every purchase you make, you automatically get airline points. No catch, no extra fees, just more bang for your buck. #traveltips101 #pointsandmilestravel #pointsandmiles #deltaair #ticketmaster

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According to a website specifically set up for the program, Delta explains that members can “earn miles for events they love such as concerts, sporting events, family shows and more in the U.S. and Canada.” Additionally, users must be a member of Ticketmaster. Fortunately, both Ticketmaster and Delta’s reward programs are free to join.

AKA, it’s a simple hack to “let one ticket lead you to the next,” as the partnership’s website affirms.

How can I access the benefits?

“It’s a simple three-step process,” Jen continues. Once users are members of the SkyMiles program and Ticketmaster, consumers can follow these steps:

  • Visit the website to purchase your ticket
  • Enter your SkyMiles Number
  • Buy tickets to events and earn miles—just make sure to “first visit prior to every Ticketmaster purchase,” to ensure you accumulate the miles.

“You don’t have to do anything extra,” Jen elaborates. Following the purchase of tickets, it can take up to two weeks for miles to be credited to the SkyMiles account.

Now users can happily enjoy all of their favorite concerts or sports games with the added bonus that each event is a step closer to their next flight.

What are the benefits of Delta’s reward program?

“They’re essentially free air-line miles—one mile for every dollar you spend, up to 2,500 a month,” Jen explains.

Plus, if concerts aren’t your scene—or you don’t want to entertain Ticketmaster’s increasing prices—Delta offers plenty of alternatives to accumulate flight miles. Their rewards program provides a myriad of membership perks in partnership with several companies. For coffee lovers, Delta’s partnership with Starbucks is the perfect fit to rack up flight miles. As an added bonus of the Delta SkyMiles rewards program, travelers can access free Wi-Fi during their flights.

However, for those who like gifting experiences, concert tickets can make a perfect holiday gift. And with the added bonus of flight miles, it’s bound to be a merry holiday season.

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