America’s Largest Airport Might Be Keeping a Massive Secret

Sounds suspicious to us.

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You can probably guess that there are plenty of secrets your airline isn’t telling you. Between unexpected baggage fees and delayed flights, routine inconveniences don’t even faze an experienced jet-setter at this point. But when it comes to the airport itself, you might be surprised by the insane conspiracies lurking beneath your very own nose—or feet.

Take Denver International Airport (DIA), for example. Measuring a total of 54 square miles (that’s twice the size of Manhattan!), the DIA is the second-largest airport in the world and the largest in America. A record 61 million travelers were expected to pass through its doors in 2017 alone. But ever since the airport opened in 1995, speculation has swirled regarding some of its most bizarre features.

For starters, it contains a collection of eerie statues and murals that would give anyone the creeps. But conspiracy theorists smell something even fishier: The initial construction project reportedly went $2 billion over budget and opened 16 months behind schedule. To make matters worse, its multi-million dollar automated baggage system—installed in the 470,000 square feet of underground space—has not been used since 2008.

What explains all of these suspicious events? Word on the street is that the airport’s underground tunnels were never intended for baggage transportation in the first place. Instead, the space hides a secret bunker that would protect the world’s billionaires and political elite during an apocalypse.

While it sounds fascinating in theory, this rumor doesn’t appear to be true. Today, airport employees ferry luggage through the 7,000-foot tunnels using a manual system, according to the Denver Post. The newspaper also reports that all plumbing and electrical infrastructure appears to end at the underground area’s lowest level, which would make it impossible to hide an underground bunker. In fact, “hiding anything else under it would be an engineering feat on par with the ‘Chunnel’ that connects England to France,” they wrote.

That’s not the only bizarre conspiracy theory behind this massive airport, though. Some say aliens or “lizard people” lurk in the lower levels, while others point out the runways resemble Nazi swastikas. So if these are the types of stories that keep you up at night, don’t miss more of the strangest unsolved mysteries of all time.

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