Guess What This Device Is Used for: Hair Styling or Torture?

Hair salons used to be way, way weirder.

guess-what-this-device-is-used-forReminisce Magazine

My mother-in-law, Lucille Struecker Nelsen, is the young stylist smiling at the camera. This photo was taken at the local beauty shop where she worked. She greatly enjoyed her job and the people she met there.

Please note the contraption in the front of the picture: It was for giving a perm.

We laugh now and say it looks like a form of punishment, but at the time, it was the latest method of perming. It certainly puts into perspective how so many things in our everyday lives have changed (and, in this case, for the better!).

My mother-in-law is now in her 80s and lives in a local nursing home. She is still alert to hairstyles and lets us know what she thinks is a good cut for us!

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Originally Published in Reminisce