Digest Diet: Dana’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Dana needed a weight-loss plan to help her break a cycle of emotional eating, so with her mom, Annette, she started the Digest Diet, and reached her goal.

Dana Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Dana Miele
Her weight before Digest Diet: 184 pounds
Her weight after: 176 pounds
Total lost: 8 pounds!
Inches lost: 3.75 inches
Health gains: 5.8% body fat lost
Also: “I feel great! I have more energy
than ever, and I am motivated to lose more. One
time, I went to a party, and they had pizza, which
is my biggest enemy. I would normally have
about three slices, and it felt so good not to
eat any of it. Then, we made pizza as part of the
diet, and it was so good! I’m definitely going to
make that again. I’m excited to keep going on my journey.”

Dana, 23, is a gym manager who wanted a diet plan that would help her kick emotional eating. She teamed up with her mother, Annette Procida, and this super fast diet to release fat and gain energy proved to be the perfect way to trim down and tone up.

Why she did the Digest Diet: “I recently
started working for a personal trainer who
opened up his own gym. My passion is nutrition
and health, and I would love to go back to school
to help people with the same emotional issues
I have when it comes to food. I never felt more
strongly that my life and career depend on my
losing weight. My mother and I, together, are sharing this journey.”

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