Digest Diet: Margaret’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Margaret didn’t want to let a midlife metabolism get in the way of weight loss, so using many of the delicious recipes she learned from the Digest Diet, she lost nine pounds in only 21 days.

Margaret Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Margaret Jones
Her weight before Digest Diet: 137 pounds
Her weight after: 128 pounds
Total lost: 9 pounds!
Inches lost: 4.5 inches lost
Health gains: 7.4% body fat lost
Also: “I feel lighter. And I loved some of
the recipes and plan to integrate them into my
repertoire. I did the diet with a coworker, and
we helped each other—especially when snacks
came into the office. Yesterday we made the
honey parfait for her birthday!”

Margaret, 57, is a nurse practitioner and mother to Kate, 27; Megan, 24 and twins: Clare and Maureen, 22.

Why she did the Digest Diet: “I have
never really been on an official diet before.
Anytime I wanted to lose weight in the past, I just
cut back or really cut out a lot of the junk I eat
and increased exercise. But that’s not working
anymore. I guess it’s part of the aging process.”

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