Digest Diet: Sabrina’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Single mom Sabrina wanted to kick her junk-food habit: She followed the Digest Diet and learned how to eat better, release extra fat, lose weight, and gain energy.

Sabrina Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Sabrina Lorenzi
Her weight before Digest Diet: 171
Her weight after: 162
Total lost: 9 pounds!
Inches lost: 8 inches lost
Health gains: 5% body fat lost
Also: “I have much more energy now.
I feel better about myself. I see a noticeable
difference in my size, which makes me believe
I can continue to reach my goals.”

Sabrina is a 34 year old who leads a busy lifestyle as an accountant and mom to Tristan, 13 and Tyler, 10.

Why she did the Digest Diet: “I’m ready
to lose weight. I feel like I’m at a good place in my
life now where I’m finally ready to concentrate
on myself. I’ve been overweight for some time,
and I have had a very stressful past two years
where I’ve put my childrens’ needs above my
own. My self-esteem has been pretty much in
the toilet, and my weight definitely hasn’t
helped. I would love to have more energy and
boost my self-esteem, just in time to start what
will hopefully be a wonderful new year.”

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