Digest Diet Success Story: “I Can Play More With My Kids!”

See how the Digest Diet weight loss plan, with delicious, fat releasing recipes, helped Sarah transform her life and drop nearly 75 pounds in eight months!

Courtesy Sarah Hott
Sarah Hott had struggled with weight all her life, but when she had trouble walking down the narrow school bus aisle for her ride to work, she knew she had to change. “I was flipping through Reader’s Digest, and the people in a Digest Diet article seemed so believable,” says the 43-year-old teacher’s aide. She decided to try the 21-day plan (focusing on fat-releasing foods and sustainable habits) … and went on to lose 18 pounds in three weeks, then 73 pounds in eight months.

“Chores aren’t hard anymore.”
“Last year, my knees hurt so bad, I couldn’t climb on a chair to change a lightbulb,” Sarah says. “Now I feel comfortable in my skin.” Best of all, she adds, “my three daughters [ages 13 to 20] love to play Frisbee and swim, and I can really join in with them now.”

“I love the support I get.”
Recently, the students in Sarah’s class brought “Ms. Sarah” a special treat for her birthday. But the kids didn’t ply her with calorie-bomb cupcakes
or sugar-spiked cookies. Instead, they brought her favorite breakfast from the Digest Diet: the Honey-Nut Yogurt parfait.

“I’m inspiring others!”
Sarah’s success has inspired her friends to start the diet. “A few weeks ago, I took a friend food shopping for the plan.” Her influence is felt at home too: She caught her husband—“a potato chip connoisseur!”—munching on almonds in front of the television.

Her Top Tip: Sarah personalizes her shake for maximum enjoyment. She changes up the master recipe by using half a banana and half a cup of blueberries. “I freeze the shakes and eat them with a spoon like a slushy,” she says.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest