Disney Characters Surprising a Deaf Little Boy in Sign Language Will Melt Your Heart

Because "the Happiest Place on Earth" is for everyone.

If you ever went to Disneyland (or World) as a kid, you surely remember how exciting it was when Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the other characters greeted you. But for this little boy, the moment he met his favorite characters at Disneyland was extra-special.

Olive Crest, a charity in California, provides support and shelter for at-risk children. Every year, Olive Crest sponsors a trip to Disneyland for its foster and adoptive families, and this year, they came up with an idea to give one of the kids a super-sweet surprise.

While meeting Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto, the little boy began to use sign language—and the characters used it back. The boy, whose name is Phoenix, then got a big hug from both Mickey and Minnie. Aww!

Olive Crest posted a video of the amazing moment, which you can watch below. Get your tissues ready, because this will be the most touching thing you see all day. Next, check out this story of another kid who had an unforgettable Disney experience.

Minnie and Mickey are telling Phoenix, “It’s nice to meet you” and “I love you.” Yup, this is Disney magic at its finest! For more information about Olive Crest, visit their website at olivecrest.org. They are also on Facebook and Instagram (@olive.crest). For more inspiration, check out the awesome brand-new water park for kids with disabilities.

Source: mashable.com

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