There’s a New Way to Get Around Disney World—Minnie Mouse Lovers Are Going to LOVE It

Get from point A to point B in true Disney fashion.

Disney Parks just debuted their newest form of transportation to get around the parks. They partnered with Lyft to get their guests from point A to point B. Normally the long trek from your hotel to the park is the worst part of your vacation, but Disney just made it a lot better.

You can now travel around in cars inspired by the much-loved Minnie Mouse, the name of these new cars…Minnie Vans. See what they did there? (Check out these insider secrets for the best Walt Disney World vacation.)

Each car is based off of Minnie Mouse’s red dress. They can hold up to six people and car seats are available if you’re traveling with a child that needs one. It can be used all over the Orlando resorts from 6:30 a.m to 12:30 a.m. You simply book your ride by downloading the Lyft app and choosing the Minnie Van when scheduling a pick up.

“Playing a part in a family’s experience at the most magical place on earth is a dream come true,” John Zimmer, co-founder and President of Lyft, shared. (Think you’re a true Disney fan? If you are you’ll definitely understand these tweets.)

And, to keep in the spirit of giving each family a magical visit alive, all the drivers are in full costume. So you could get picked up and taken to Epcot by Cinderella herself. Or maybe, if you’re lucky, Minnie Mouse. You might be tempted to just ride around in these fun cars all day, but we recommend you also try out this great food while you’re there.

Morgan Cutolo
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