The 3 Rides Every Disney World Visitor Should Go on Twice

With everything Disney has to offer it's unlikely you could ever be bored at Disney World. But even with so much to do, these rides deserve a second trip.

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If you’re planning on spending your day at Disney World, you already have a flood of choices coming your way when it comes to which rides, shows, and characters you’ll visit. These secrets from Disney employees might help you make some decisions, but there’s still so much up to you. It’s impossible to do it all in one day, though some people certainly do try. You may be wondering why anyone would bother going on the same rides more than once given how much there is to do at Walt Disney World, but these three rides are definitely worth a second (or third?) go around.

Disney works hard to ensure that rides and other attractions at their parks have good repeat value so that no matter how often you visit, the trip won’t feel repetitive. According to Disney expert Susan Veness, author of Walt Disney World Hacks, there are three rides at Disney World that you must put on your list twice.

The first ride she suggests is the Kilimanjaro Safari. The ride simulates a safari ride through East African savannahs and gives tourists an opportunity to see animals acting much more naturally than they would in a zoo. Reviewers on TripAdvisor gave the ride a 4.5 rating out of 5 and overall were very positive about their experiences. Veness adds this: “The animals you’ll see during Kilimanjaro Safaris will vary depending on the time of day, as some animals are more active in the morning while others prefer the midday heat, and the after-dark experience is completely different than a daytime ride.” Sign us up for a daytime and a nighttime ride!

Veness isn’t the only one who suggests taking multiple rides on this next attraction during your Disney World vacation. Theme Park Insider is just one more of many Disney experts that suggest taking a second trip on this one: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The tallest ride at Disney World, this epic adventure ride not only includes a storyline to help get you through the admittedly long line—though you won’t miss out on the story, even if you use the only trick that will allow you to skip lines at Disney—but it works on a random drop sequence. So no matter how many times you go on Disney World’s Tower of Terror, you will always be surprised by the ride. Note: we mention Disney World and not Disney parks in general because Disneyland in California closed down their Tower of Terror in 2017.

Veness’s last pick, and a common favorite of Disney-goers, is Star Tours—The Adventures Continue. This ride is already a must-see for fans of the iconic cinema series, but non-fans will find a lot to love about the ride and storyline here as well. In addition, special “extras” are consistently added or moved during the ride, which means that Star Tours has nearly 300 variations. You’ll be unlikely to ride the exact same ride twice, and given the extensiveness of the plotline, you’ll pick up on things you missed the first time around.

While you’re on these, or any ride at the Disney theme parks, be sure to listen for the code words you never want to hear at Disney to ensure you have the safest, happiest vacation to the happiest place on earth!

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