These Adorable Bubblegum Machine Valentines Are Almost Too Cute to Give Away

These are way cooler than any store-bought card.

these-adorable-bubblegum-machine-valentinesCourtesy Sprinkle Some Fun

To kids, Valentine’s Day means one thing—candy, and lots of it. Be their wish come true with these sweet mini gumball machine valentines.

Blogger Rachel from Sprinkle Some Fun created these mini gumball dispensers that blow our childhood construction paper cards way out of the water. A playful “I chews you” tag is one of the best love puns we’ve seen, and is sure to get a giggle from the whole class.

They look complicated, but actually come together in a snap. Fillable ornaments and a red paper cup base make it easy to create one for everyone on your kid’s card-exchange list. Best of all: These tiny candy dispensers are reusable, so your child and those classmates can keep them on hand long after their Kisses and lollipops are gone.

Head over to Sprinkle Some Fun for the full instructions, and get our free Valentine’s Day guide packed with dozens of quick tips and sweet ideas for an amazing V-Day celebration.

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