This Is How a Water Bottle Could Save Your Life in a Hurricane

No, it’s not just for drinking.

Brace yourselves—Hurricane Laura is here and gearing up to be one of the harshest hurricanes in recent memory. The Category Four storm has already been felt and those affected have faced heavy flooding, chemical fires, and strong wind. In much of Louisiana, Texas, and nearby parts of the South, Laura has already caused widespread power losses and structural damages with 150 miles per hour wind as it continues up and East.

If you’re in one of the affected areas and plan on riding it out, proper preparation is key. First, here’s what you need to do to prep your home. And there is one thing you should have around at all times: a plastic water bottle (this is what really happens to recycled plastic).

Why? When the weather takes a turn for the worse, a water bottle is one of the most versatile things you have in your home. Plus, it might even save your life. Just don’t forget to check out these tips on keeping your pet safe during a storm, too.

Severe flooding caused by a hurricane can contaminate the local drinking water with bacteria, sewage, chemicals, and other dangerous substances. To avoid a serious illness, it’s best to stock up on plenty of bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.

That’s pretty obvious, of course. But keep those empty plastic bottles around after you drink, too, because they have lots of uncommon uses. For one, an empty water bottle can turn into an improvised water filter if you need to drink from the tap. Watch this video to learn how.

If your electricity goes out, don’t go the old-fashioned route with candles; you can rely on your handy plastic water bottles once again. Simply tape a small flashlight to the bottom of the bottle, and its plastic (and the water inside) will amplify the glow. Now you can use the little light to illuminate a room or send signals to rescue personnel.

There are some things you should never do with water bottles, though. Next, learn what hurricane categories really mean so you can prepare the best way possible. These scary weather events caught on camera are extraordinary. 

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