How to Turn a Bathrobe into the Coziest Throw Rug

Find a purpose for your old, worn-out bathrobe that you were just going to toss in the trash.

via Country Woman Magazine

What You’ll Need

  • Long terry cloth bathrobe
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread


  1. Cut off the robe’s collar and sleeves and discard. Cut the front and back sections of the robe into 1-inch wide strips.
  2. Group the strips in sets of three and trim the ends to make the strips in each set an even length.
  3. Using a needle and thread, whipstitch one set of three strips together at one of the ends. Braid strips, then fasten other end with a whipstitch. Repeat process using all fabric strips. Trim loose ends.
  4. Begin to shape the rug by coiling a braided strip on a flat surface. Working on the underside of the rug, whipstitch each coil to the one next to it, keeping stitches close together. Stitch the end of the coil to the end of another braid and repeat the process, continuing until all the braided strips are used.
  5. Fold and secure tail of last braid to the underside of the rug with several stitches.

Bright idea! If the bathrobe has a monogram, cut out that section and stitch it onto the finished rug. Before braiding, fold the edges of the strips into the middle, then fold the strips in half again to prevent fraying, if desired.

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