How to Turn Old Puzzle Pieces into the Sweetest Valentine’s Day Wreath

An old, colorful puzzle transforms into the prettiest craft in just three easy steps.

Create-The-Sweetest-Valentine’s-Day-Wreath-Out-of-Old-Puzzle-Piecesvia Country Woman Magazine

What You’ll Need:

  • Old puzzle
  • Card stock
  • Ribbon in coordinating color
  • Glue gun


  1. Draw the outline of a heart on the card stock. Cut along a line 1/4 in. outside the outline. Fold the heart in half, and cut along another line 1/4 in. inside the outline. Unfold the heart outline.
  2. Choose puzzle pieces in preferred color scheme. Using the glue gun, glue pieces to the card stock outline, fitting them as close together as possible without overlapping.
  3. Glue a second layer of puzzle pieces, covering the seams of the first layer and filling any gaps.
    Tie a length of ribbon into a bow on the wreath as desired. Alternately, to hang the wreath, loop a length of ribbon through the heart at the top.

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