I Tried Doe Magnetic Lashes—And I’ll Never Touch Traditional Falsies Again

I always assumed false eyelashes were too high maintenance for me. These easy-to-use, affordable magnetic lashes changed my mind—and I'm never going back to traditional falsies.

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I’m a sucker for trying new beauty products (Amazon’s best selling mascara or miracle makeup sponges, anyone?). But the truth is, I’m about as low maintenance as it comes for everyday beauty routines. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty average at applying makeup or simply can’t be bothered with a long beauty routine—probably a combination of the two. So, when it comes to something I consider to be a more advanced addition to a standard beauty routine, like false lashes, I steer clear.

That’s not to say I’ve never tried them. The siren song of long, fluttery lashes that make wearers look more awake and bright-eyed without having to apply (and remove) mascara was just too hard to ignore. I had traditional glue-on lashes applied twice, each time by a professional makeup artist when I was part of a bridal party. I found them to be both heavy and uncomfortable. I even looked into lash extensions only to learn they require significant financial commitment and time I wasn’t willing to make.

Then, this past year I was feeling brave and decided to give glue-on lashes another go around, as well as magnetic lashes. Despite helpful step-by-step video tutorials, I was comically bad at applying them. These beauty experiences have since led me to rely on the best mascaras for long, lush lashes. That is, until I came across Doe Lashes.

What are Doe Lashes?

Doe Lashes are lightweight false eyelashes. Available in handcrafted false lash styles and magnetic lashes, they’re made from 100% faux silk fibers imported from Korea—a country known for high quality beauty products. Not only are their lash styles a cruelty-free and vegan makeup option, Doe’s magnetic Neo-Lashes can be worn upwards of 60 times.

Doe offers two types of lashes: traditional falsies applied with glue, or magnetic lashes applied with Neo-Liner (aka magnetic eyeliner). I opted for the magnetic lashes after a friend told me they were much easier to apply than traditional lashes.

How we tested Doe Lashes

Doe offers five different styles of their magnetic Neo Lashes. The lashes, which are measured in millimeters, vary in length. The shortest pair measures eight to 12.5-mm while the longest pairs measure seven to 16.5-mm. I’m a minimalist, so I opted for the brand’s shortest pair: Butterfly kiss. These lashes boast a soft flare and seemed like the best option to enhance my natural lashes. Just in case I wanted extra glam, I scooped up a pair of the brand’s Old School lashes, too. I appreciated that each lash option had an easy to read chart that explained which eye shape paired with the lashes.


Once my lashes and Neo-Liner arrived, I scoured the box for instructions (I was determined to get this right!). Expecting to receive a set of thorough step-by-step instructions, or, at the very least, something that directed me to video tutorials, I received a one-sided card briefly describing how to use, remove and clean traditional glue-on lashes. Yikes! Luckily, the lash box contained some instructions. First, they instruct you to apply the Neo-liner like regular eyeliner. Then, wait 10 seconds for the liner to dry. Next, place the lash above the lash line. Still, I was left with questions.

For starters, do I have to prep my own lashes beforehand? Do I apply eyeshadow first? What about mascara? How much of the Neo-Liner do I use? A thin layer? What about two layers? Will this damage my natural lashes? With a handful of questions but no answers, I turned to the Doe Lashes’ website for help.

I was relieved to find a more comprehensive tutorial that included a list of supplies, step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. The tutorial only covered applying glue-on lashes—not the magnetic lashes—but I was still able to learn quite a bit more. Not only should you curl your natural lashes before applying the magnetic lashes, but it’s highly recommended to trim the false lashes to fit your eye. The website also advises applying face makeup first, which gave me the feeling that I should skip my favorite mascara.

Application and Wear

Normally, I’d only consider applying magnetic lashes for a special event or the occasional date night. But I really wanted the lashes to work for everyday wear, so I put them to the test first thing in the morning. I generally don’t wear makeup in the summer, so I applied them after completing my normal skin care routine. Once I finished applying my eye cream and face moisturizer, it was time to add the finishing touch: the lashes!

I trimmed the magnetic lashes with cuticle scissors. Next, I used my eyelash curler on my natural lashes. (So far, so good!) Then came the Neo-Liner. It’s magnetic, and gives the five magnets on the lash bands something to stick to. I don’t usually wear eyeliner, so the intimidation started setting in. But much to my surprise, Doe’s Neo-Liner was incredibly easy to apply. The precision tip ensured that the liner went exactly where I wanted it to. And while I was unsure about how much or how little to use, the precision tip put on just the right amount with no mess and no clumping. The directions say to wait 10 seconds for the liner to dry. I played it safe and waited about 20 seconds.

I used my fingers to apply the lashes as well as tweezers to help line up the inner and outer corners. Unfortunately, the first time I tried to get the lashes on, they didn’t stick. I used a Q-tip and micellar water to remove the liner before starting again. On my second try, I applied two coats of Neo-Liner thinking that may help the lashes stick better, and it did the trick.

The application process took about 20 minutes from trimming to finished look. But once they were on, they felt great! They weren’t heavy on my eyelids, and they didn’t bother me like the false eyelashes I had applied by a professional.

My goal was to keep the lashes on for the entire day. For me, a typical summer day involves chasing after three young children, a dog and running a handful of errands. The first day I wore my lashes also included a mock sword fight with my rambunctious four-year-old and a mile long walk to feed the neighborhood horses. Simply put, it was a busy day. It wasn’t until after I sat down for lunch (about six hours after applying the lashes) that I noticed the outer corner of one eye starting to lift away. Fortunately, I was home and able to do a quick touch-up without removing the lashes. The touch-up, while helpful, wasn’t 100% effective. I still had some lifting at the outer corner of my eye. They did stay on for the remainder of the day though, so I consider it a success.


Taking the lashes off at the end of the day was quick and painless. I started at the outer corner and gently peeled them off. There was no pulling or tugging at my eyelid or natural lashes. Once I removed the lashes, I used a cotton swab and micellar water to remove excess liner from the magnetic band (there was only a smidge), and put the lashes back in their original box. Then, I used a cotton round and cotton swab to remove the liner from my eyes. I did have to gently scrub the area to get it all off, but the overall removal process only took about five minutes.

Doe Magnetic Lashes Product Features

two portraits of a woman wearing magnetic lashes. on the left, she has her eyes open and I the image on the right, she has her eyes closedcourtesy Marisa Hillman

With tons of false eyelashes on the market, Doe Neo Magnetic Lashes are unmatched. They’re handcrafted with a synthetic silk imported from Korea and are extremely lightweight. They’re perfect for beginners or anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of anything on their face. I forgot I was even wearing the lashes! It’s common to get 15-20 wears out of tradition false lashes. But with Doe Lashes, you get up to 60 wears out of them as long as they’re cared for properly.


  • Lightweight
  • Korean beauty product
  • Made from vegan silk
  • Variety of lash style options
  • Available as traditional false or magnetic lashes
  • Sustainable
  • Long-lasting for up to 60 uses
  • The Neo-Liner didn’t irritate my eyes
  • Easy to remove and clean


  • Detailed instructions not included
  • Only five magnetic lash styles available
  • Neo-Liner must be purchased separately


How do you use Doe Magnetic Lashes?

Start with clean, dry lashes. Then, curl lashes with an eyelash curler. If you’re applying magnetic lashes for the first time, use cuticle scissors to trim your false lashes to fit your eyes. Next, apply two coats of the Neo-liner—this is how the magnets in the lashes stick to your eyelids. Wait 10-20 seconds for it to dry. Using a lash applicator, tweezers or your fingers, apply the lashes on top of the liner. I started in the middle and once that was secure, I finished with the inner and outer edges.

What are Doe Lashes made out of?

Doe lashes are made from an ultra-fine vegan (synthetic) silk imported from Korea.

How long do Doe Lashes last?

With proper care, you can get 60 wears out of Doe magnetic lashes.

How do you care for Doe Lashes?

Once you remove your lashes, use a cotton swab and a non-oil based makeup remover to gently remove excess liner. Store them in their original container to help maintain their shape.

How expensive are Doe Lashes?

A single pair of Doe magnetic lashes runs $25 a pop while the Neo-Liner costs $30. Doe also offers a starter pack, which includes four pairs of magnetic lashes and a full-size Neo-Liner for $110.

Can you wear eye makeup with Doe lashes?

Yes! Glam up your eyes like normal—minus the mascara on your top lashes. Apply Doe Lashes last in your makeup routine. They’re the perfect finishing touch. For even more dramatic results, use a lash serum first.

What other reviewers had to say

As a long-lasting, high quality and affordable false lash option, Doe Lashes has developed quite a following. In fact, they’ve racked up over 3,000 glowing reviews.

Verified purchaser, Melinda, says, “Still my go-to every day lashes! As someone who works in a professional healthcare setting, I try to keep my makeup pretty natural. These are my favorite lashes when I’m trying to look more awake when I actually care about how I look that day. The lashes are super comfortable, so I can wear them 8+ hours without any complaints!”

Rachel writes, “LOVE these magnetic lashes. The nine small magnets go a long way. Many other brands only have five, and the inner corner would always peel up for me. I hope Doe comes out with more versions that are shorter and thinner since I don’t love the super obvious look of fake lashes. The liner works great too, even with a thin line of it. I’m a repeat customer and now own all of their magnetic lashes.”

“These lashes are perfect for everyday!” shares Sheyla. “I’m particular when it comes to lashes because I wear glasses, but these were super comfortable! The band is thin and practically undetectable. Not to mention the packaging is super cute. Definitely recommend.”

Product comparison

I’ve also tried magnetic lashes from beauty influencer Liane V.’s beauty line. Like Doe, Liane’s lashes are made using 100% vegan silk. They come in 15 different styles as opposed to Doe’s five, and their application instructions are simple yet thorough.

However, I found Liane’s lashes to be more dramatic than I’d like. As someone who prefers a natural look, I love that Doe offers styles that enhance my natural lashes. And while a pair of Liane’s magnetic lashes cost the same as Doe’s magnetic lashes, they only last up to 20 wears which is a far cry from Doe’s up to 60 wears.

Final verdict

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m officially a fan of magnetic lashes thanks to Doe. Not only are Doe magnetic lashes lightweight, easy to use and reasonably priced, but they come in styles that satisfy minimalists and glam pros alike. While I’m too low maintenance to wear them every day, I’ll definitely be wearing them more often. And I happily recommend these lashes to anyone looking to add a little extra glam into to their beauty routine.

Where to buy

To shop Doe’s entire line of magnetic lashes, head over to the Doe Lashes website. They’re also available at Urban Outfitters. The magnetic lashes start at $25. Considering they can be worn up to 60 times, you’ll get nearly as many uses out of them that you would with your favorite tube of mascara. Ditch hard to apply traditional falsies once and for all by treating yourself—and your lashes—to Doe’s magnetic beauties.

Doe lashesvia merchant

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