Dutch Pie Tin Patterns

Turn plain pie tins into tokens of good fortune with colorful paint and classic barn hex designs.

pie-tin-wallGrace Natoli SheldonWhat You’ll Need

  • 9-in. metal pie tins (with 7¼-in. bottom diameter)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Soft graphite pencil
  • Patterns (see below)


  1. Paint interior bottom of pie tins white. Let dry.
  2. Print out desired patterns. On the back of each pattern, rub graphite pencil to cover all areas of the design.
  3. To transfer image to bottom of pie tin, place the graphite-covered side of paper down in tin and center. Use pencil to carefully trace the design outline on top of paper. Lift to reveal transferred design. Paint in traditional or creative colors


Click on any of the pattern names below to access a printable PDF

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