I Tried the Dyson Airwrap and I’m Never Paying for a Blowout Again

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Years after its initial release, this all-in-one hair tool still sells out. Is it worth the hype? Or the investment?

Dyson Airwrap Review

If there’s one thing I have a love/hate relationship with, it’s my hair. There’s a lot of it, but it’s thin, takes forever to blow dry, and, when left to its own devices, just settles into a wavy, frizzy mess. While I would love to go about each day free from a halo of frizz or floppy top knots, I don’t have the time or patience to spend 40 minutes each morning blowing it out.

And paying for a blowout is strictly reserved for date nights or special events when I want to look like I actually know how to put myself together. I needed to find a go-to way to style my hair at home.

Turns out there are a ton of at-home hairstyling options out there. People love Revlon’s one-step hair dryer, and at around $50, it’s an affordable way to go. But when I watched my friend transform her hair with Dyson Airwrap, I knew that it was the one beauty tool I needed to own. The space-age looking dryer comes with multiple attachment tools that let you style your hair as it dries—for sleek, professional-looking results in a fraction of the time of hitting a salon.

But I hesitated when I saw the price tag.

Eventually, my husband surprised me with an amazing birthday gift, and I became the proud owner of a Dyson Airwrap. So is this hairstyling tool, which runs a cool $550, worth the hype? You bet. Reader, I’m never paying for a blowout again.

What is the Dyson Airwrap

There’s no denying that the Airwrap is a hot commodity. And yes, Dyson is the same company that reinvented vacuums. When the Airwrap launched in 2018, it sold out almost immediately. Then there was a six-month-long waitlist for people who wanted to get their hands and hair on one. And now, even three years after its wildly successful launch, it’s still one of these products that almost always has a waitlist.

My Airwrap arrived neatly packaged in a tan leather storage case that holds the styler and each of its eight attachments, as well as a nonslip mat. The storage case alone, which is lined with a soft, black, cushioned fabric and has a magnetic closure, feels super fancy. Then I opened it, looked at all of the attachments, and instantly wondered it it might not be a little too complex for someone who has never fully mastered an old-fashioned blowout.

I’ll admit: I found its selection of attachments, which include a pre-styling dryer, round volumizing brush, firm smoothing brush, soft smoothing brush, 1.2-inch curling barrels, and 1.6-inch curling barrels, intimidating.

Luckily, there are tons of tutorials online. If you’re already somewhat of a pro when it comes to styling your own hair, then you can head over to Dyson’s Airwrap page for quick step-by-step style guides. The experts show you how to get every popular hair look, from casual curls to silky and straight tresses. However, if you’re more like me and find the idea of styling your own hair daunting, go to YouTube, where you’ll find tons of in-depth tutorials for all hair textures.

Dyson Hairwrap Accessoriesvia dyson.com

How experts use the Dyson Airwrap

In spite of the many Airwrap tutorials and style guides online, we went straight to the experts. We spoke to Dyson Global Styling Ambassador and celebrity stylist Matthew Collins to find out how users can get the most out of their Airwrap. According to Collins, when it comes to curling your hair with the Airwrap, “The most important tip is to always begin with a little moisture in your hair.”

He recommends that hair be about 70 percent dry when you start using the curling attachments, since the moisture will help your hair keep some of its elasticity and ultimately make your curls last longer. Will the Airwrap still curl your hair if it’s completely dry? Yes, but Collins cautions that the curls will drop faster than they would if you curl your hair while it’s still slightly damp. He advises further dampening your ends by adding a sea salt spray, curl setting spray, or volumizing spray to each section just before curling it. That will ensure that your hair has the moisture it needs to help set your curls and prevent frizz.

We also asked Collins for his advice on achieving the perfect beachy waves for summer. He says, “For beachy waves, you want to use the smallest curling attachment and hold the Airwrap upside down with the tip facing the floor. You want to start twisting the hair of each section around the barrel from as close to the root as possible. I suggest wrapping the hair around once, then pause for a second or two, then wrap once more and pause. Continue this until you have two inches of hair left to wrap and then hold on heat for five seconds followed by a cool shot to set. Try to make sure you are wrapping in the direction you see the arrows on the barrel go.”

I took his advice, and while it took me a minute to get comfortable holding the Airwrap upside down, I did end up with some pretty enviable waves. Now I’m ready to head to one of these 15 best beaches.

Where to buy the Dyson Airwrap

If you’re ready to invest in the Airwrap, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that this highly coveted tool rarely goes on sale, so if you’re hoping to snag one at a discount, you’ll have to wait. We’ve seen the Airwrap on sale for 20 percent off during Sephora’s Spring Sale, around Black Friday, and Dyson’s occasional owner rewards events, but other than that, sales on this product are pretty elusive.

The good news? It’s sold by a host of your favorite retailers including Dyson, Sephora, Ulta, Best Buy, QVC, and Amazon. And if you do the math, at $50 (plus tip) for a salon blowout, the Airwrap saves money at the salon over time.

Dyson Airwrap pros:

  • Cuts drying and styling time down by more than half. Half!
  • Get multiple styles: glam curls, beachy waves, or salon-quality blowouts
  • Engineered for all hair types and textures
  • Intelligent heat control minimizes heat damage
  • Covered by a five-year guarantee

Dyson Airwrap cons:

  • The price. Even on sale, it’s going to set you back anywhere from $450 to $550.
  • It takes practice to get optimal results.
  • You can’t use it on dry hair, so it isn’t for touchups between washes.

Dyson Airwrap Accessories In Casevia dyson.com

Is the Dyson Airwrap worth it?

Once you get the hang of the Dyson Airwrap, you’ll be seriously impressed at how quickly and effortlessly you can style your hair. And when I say quickly, I mean quickly! Styling my hair with a traditional blow dryer and round brush took me, on average, 40 minutes. With the Airwrap, I go from soaking wet hair to a silky blowout in…wait for it…11 minutes.

If I want curls, I’m done in just under 25 minutes. Since the Airwrap uses intelligent heat control (it measures the airflow temperature over 40 times a second) to keep the temperature under 302 degrees, you can style without worrying about extreme heat damage. This hair tool is, simply put, magical. And while I have long hair, the Airwrap would work on just about any of these best hairstyles for women over 40.

Best Dyson Airwrap reviews

Still unsure about whether or not the Airwrap is worth it? I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a total hair game changer. Here are a few five-star Sephora reviews from buyers who think it’s worth every penny.

Courtsmithxx, “This thing is amazing. I have very long, almost waist-length, fine, wavy hair and didn’t expect this baby to hold a curl at all. Wow, was I wrong. The first night I used it I didn’t use any products and went to bed right after, totally prepared to wake up to flat hair. NOPE! My hair is bouncy, blown out, and looks better than any time I’ve ever left a salon. The smoothing brushes and blow dryer attachment are also a 10/10. Had my hair dry in five minutes…so if you’re thinking about getting it, highly recommend!”

Justbumming, “I got this three years ago and can honestly say that it has changed my hair’s life. Super skeptical at first, and took a while to get used to. Using this for all of my styling and drying needs has eliminated my using direct heat tools and has allowed my hair to grow and get healthy. Also it makes my hair super shiny, bouncy, and voluminous. Definitely worth the investment.”

Maigoodies, “I have been eyeing this for a year now and I finally decided to purchase it during the spring sale. This hairstyling tool is WORTH THE MONEY—it’s a blow dryer, curling wand, and smoothing styler all in one. It is really easy to use once you are familiar with all of the styling tools. It looks like I just came from a salon after. Worth the investment.”

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