Eater’s Digest: Cooks Share Vegetable Recipes for the Garden

Recipes to help you take advantage of your garden.

Eat your vegetables. At the height of summer, the nutritionist’s mantra stops sounding like a chore. Who doesn’t love fresh-picked corn and tomatoes? Here, recipes to help you take advantage of your garden — or produce aisle — from two of America’s most vegetable-savvy cooks: Michael Chiarello, coauthor of the classic Tra Vigne Cookbook, and Mark Bittman, whose new book, Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express, emphasizes fresh, flavorful dishes. Enjoy the season.

Recipes to Try
Whole Citrus Vinaigrette
Pasta with Olive Oil and Zucchini
Charred Tomato Bisque
Microwaved Honey Eggplant
Raw Corn, Arugula, and Pecorino Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast
Plus: 10 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

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