This Genius Microfiber Mop Could Save You More Than $500 a Year

Using expensive chemicals to clean your floors? It's time to change that dirty habit.

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Two of your New Year’s resolutions—keeping your house clean and spending less money—just got easier to keep, thanks to the Deep Clean Mop from E-Cloth. With more than 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this beloved European microfiber mop, which features a sturdy telescoping handle, will not only change the way you clean your floors but will also help you save money while you’re doing it.

“The Deep Clean Mop is unique among mops because it is designed to perform brilliantly without any sprays or chemicals, cleaning brilliantly with just water,” says Jamey Bennett, E-Cloth’s CEO. “It is an easy choice for people who want to stop using unnecessary cleaning chemicals for health reasons or who, for budgetary or sustainability reasons, want to get out of the endless cleaner replenishment rat race.”

Most of us are used to that chemical or faux-lemon smell that we associate with “clean.” But that’s just one of the cleaning myths we need to stop believing since it doesn’t mean anything except that the product contains fragrance—which doesn’t do anything to remove dirt. With this E-Cloth mop, you just use the quick-grip hook-and-look fasteners to attach the mop head, add water, and unleash the deep-cleaning power of microfiber. By the way, if you haven’t been cleaning with microfiber cloths, you should start!

It will save you hundreds of dollars

Because the Deep Clean Mop just uses water, there’s no need to buy cleaners or detergents, which can definitely add up over time. Plus, you can reuse the same mop head for 300 washes, eliminating the need to purchase costly, one-time-use refills or pads. That means you’ll spend $39.99 for the mop, and that’s it. In fact, E-Cloth guarantees it, adding that this product should last an average of three years. Just toss the mop pad in the washing machine with a little detergent (but no fabric softener) after every heavy use—about once or twice a week, depending on your household. Hang it or tumble dry, and it’s ready to use again.

It lets you avoid toxic chemicals

You can use the Deep Clean Mop safely on any type of hard flooring, including wood, tile, vinyl, laminate, and stone, and you will be amazed that it cleans so well using nothing more than water. Here’s how it works: The millions of engineered microfibers in the mop’s head are created in a process that exposes splits along their entire lengths. Those microscopic spaces fill with water when you wet the mop, and as you move the mop across the floor, the specialized weave of the microfiber loosens contaminants like grease, grime, dirt, and more than 99 percent of bacteria. Those particles attach to the water within the fibers and remain trapped until the mop head is rinsed or laundered and the contaminants are washed down the drain.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about babies or pets getting into dangerous chemicals while they’re on the floor, and you can feel good about saving the planet from excess waste. FYI, you should never use these 8 cleaning products around your fur babies—or your human ones.

It’s so easy to use

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop – European Microfiber Damp Mop with Sturdy Telescoping Handlevia amazon.comIn addition to the Deep Clean Mop’s superior performance, users regularly comment on how much “fun” it is to use because it requires much less effort than a traditional mop and bucket. The lightweight aluminum handle extends up to five feet and is easily adjustable to whatever height is most comfortable for you. Also, the flexible base rotates, making it a snap to clean baseboards and access areas under furniture and appliances. Seeing immediate results is so satisfying, it may inspire you to clean more—and word is that even kids are helping out because it makes chores seem like play.

It’s kind of a miracle

Reviewers on Amazon and E-Cloth are passionate about this game-changing mop. “Where have I been?! This is the best mop I’ve ever used,” exclaims one reviewer. Another calls it the “first mop that doesn’t hurt my back,” while yet another says, “I used to hate mopping. Now I do it daily because it’s so convenient and easy.” There are reviews touting its simplicity, its effectiveness, and its “great design,” but you might want to heed this one that gets right to the heart of it: “Stop what you’re doing and buy this!” Next, check out these 13 clever cleaning hacks from professional house cleaners.

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop – European Microfiber Damp Mop with Sturdy Telescoping Handlevia amazon.comE-Cloth Deep Clean Mop, $39.99

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