Editor’s Note: A Funny Thing Happened to Our Humor Editor

Editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello has a message for an anonymous reader.

may 2015 ed letterSteve Vaccariello for Reader's DigestThe other day, our joke guru, Andy Simmons, was sifting through the bin of reader-submitted laughs when he came upon an envelope containing a typewritten letter and four $100 bills. Many years ago, this reader had accepted payment from Reader’s Digest for a funny anecdote that was not truly his, and he’d been racked with guilt ever since: “I consider what I did a lie and the money I have taken as stealing,” he wrote. “But I have waited, shamefully, until now to do the right thing.”

He included no more information—no name, no return address. We had no way to thank him or to return the funds.

Dear Anonymous Reader, please know that we donated your money to the ComedyCures Foundation (comedycures.org), a New Jersey organization cocreated by Saranne Rothberg, a cancer survivor who passionately believes that joy and laughter help us recover from illness and depression. ComedyCures delivers therapeutic humor programs to chronically ill kids and adults. Your decency and integrity pay themselves forward.
—Liz, @LizVacc[email protected]

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