Our Storytelling Partnership with the Moth

The Moth story slams attract standing-room-only crowds in 19 cities across the country.

You’re seated in a bookstore, maybe a coffee shop. The lights dim, someone at a mic. No notes, no reading. It’s not poetry or performance. It’s just a real person telling a true story from her life.

That’s the Moth. You might know The Moth Radio Hour, which airs on 460 radio stations, or listen to the podcast, which is downloaded more than 27 million times a year. But for me, nothing beats the story slams, which attract standing-room-only crowds in 19 cities across the country.

I’m exhilarated, always: Who will be called up next? Will it be a WWII veteran or a minister with tattoos? How about a Long Island grandmother or that Russian immigrant dad? What happened to them? What will they say, and how will I feel?

So you lean forward. You listen. You laugh and shudder and sigh. You connect. You roll each story around in your mind like a stone, always finding something that rings true to you.

Turns out, the Moth loves RD as much as RD loves the Moth. We’re storytelling soul mates, if you will. I’m thrilled to direct you to the first in our series of captivating stories from the Moth. Our new partnership includes the chance to win tickets to RD-sponsored Moth shows around the United States (no waiting in lines that snake around the block). And together, the Moth and RD will select our favorite from each town’s grand slam for RD’s “Best Stories in America” issue next summer.

Where will the next ten months of stories take us? Will you hear a story there—or read a story here—that makes you see your own life differently? As the Moth’s artistic director, Catherine Burns, likes to say, “Stories can change the world.” I know they’ve changed me.

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