Editor’s Note: Quotable Quotes, The Office Edition

Reader's Digest Editor-In-Chief Liz Vaccariello shares her favorite quotes heard around the office in 2013.

Liz Vaccariello
Photograph by Steve Vaccariello; Wardrobe Stylist: Elysha Lenkin

“Only children should wear bangs,” a reader wrote in an otherwise kind letter addressed to me. I decided to be delighted by the comment. It’s in the running to be the title of my future memoir, should I ever write one, and it’s a shoo-in for my work quote of the year. I was inspired by “2013: The Year in Quotes,” on page 72, so I dug up some others:

This came from a business associate: “As people are occupying Wall Street, Reader’s Digest speaks to Main Street.” Yes! I keep this front of mind, always.

One perplexed subscriber spoke for thousands when he questioned my decision to group all the joke columns into one section: “You wouldn’t put all your salt on one corner of your steak, would you?” Well said. I happily returned Laughter, the Best Medicine and its cousins to their rightful places, sprinkled throughout the publication.

Then there’s the cheerful poster taped to our design director’s door: “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be amazing.” The words take me down a notch whenever I’m obsessing over a cover shoot or a story layout.

I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. By the time you read this, our new January issue will be on its way to the printer with an improved look that we’ve designed to enhance your reading experience. Millions of you have been with us for many years and might be puzzled to hear about a change, even one painstakingly planned with your happiness in mind. You’ll tell me what you think, and I welcome that.

Meanwhile, don’t worry. It’s going to be amazing.

—Liz, @LizVacc, [email protected]

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