Could This Weird Egg-Yolk Trick Change the Way You Make Coffee?

Science says it works, but we're not sure what to think.

Could This Weird Egg-Yolk Trick Change the Way You Make Coffee?Matthew Cohen/Rd.comWish your morning coffee was less bitter, but don’t feel like compromising it with milk and sugar? Science might have an idea for you: Try adding eggs.

According to Greatist, who sent the bizarre technique viral, this is how to do it: Start with a bowl of coffee grounds and add a splash of cold water and an egg. Boil a pot of water, and add the mixture to the boiling water. The egg should start to cook, leaving a scrambled-egg type substance behind. Pour a cup coffee by straining the new mixture. Easy!

Add Egg to Coffee Grounds

Want to make your coffee less bitter? Add an egg! (*And* get in some extra protein)

Posted by Greatist on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The writers allege that because of mysterious chemical workings, the protein in the egg binds to the part of the coffee grounds that causes bitterness. When you strain the egg away, the bitter taste goes with it, and you’re left with a smooth and strong cup of Joe.

Would you try this bizarre trick?

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