45 Elephant Jokes That Are a Ton of Laughs

Updated: May 09, 2024

You'll be laughing your trunk off thanks to these elephant-themed jokes.

Want to get a laugh or two from your friends and family the next time you talk to them? Or do you need a cute icebreaker idea to use on a first date?

Instead of sharing silly fish puns or telling barnyard-themed cow jokes, duck jokes, or pig jokes, go for something more exotic, such as elephant jokes. We’ve rounded up not one, but 45 of the funniest elephant jokes around that are guaranteed to make whoever hears them laugh their trunks off.

So no matter if you’re naturally funny and are just looking for some new, cute jokes about your favorite animal, or you don’t consider yourself to be funny at all and could use some help in the joke department, you’ll love every single one of these witty elephant joke questions and answers. Get your children in on the laughs too with these dog jokes for kids.

In fact, you’re going to want to be all ears (ha!), because while some of these elephant jokes may be corny, that’s what makes them so great. Everyone from kids to siblings, to crushes to grandparents will love them.

Check out our 45 elephant jokes below. We guarantee they’ll result in some giant, elephant-sized laughs.

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1. What did the momma elephant say to her kid when he was misbehaving?

“Tusk, tusk!”

2. Why was the elephant afraid to go to the computer store?

Because they sold mice.

3. What did the elephant do when he hurt his toe?

He called the tow truck.

How do elephants talk to each other? On the ele-phone!rd.com, Getty Images

4. How do elephants talk to each other?

On the ele-phone!

5. How do elephants keep cool in the summer?

Ear conditioning!

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6. What do you call an elephant that laughs a lot?

An elaughant.

7.What’s an elephant’s favorite font to use?

Ella font.

8. Why are elephants bad dancers?

They have two left feet.

9. What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant?

Swimming trunks!

10. What goes down but never goes up?

An elephant in an elevator.

11. What’s an elephant called that won’t share its toys?


12. When an elephant is bored, what’s it like to do?

Watch elevision

13. What sport will an elephant always beat you at?


14. How do you do with a blue elephant?

Tell it silly jokes!

15. What’s the best way to raise a baby elephant?

With a forklift.

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16. Why couldn't the elephant ride the bus to school? Its trunk wouldn't fit under the seat.rd.com, Getty Images

16. Why couldn’t the elephant ride the bus to school?

Its trunk wouldn’t fit under the seat.

17. What album could an elephant listen to all day long?

Tusk by Fleetwood Mac.

18.What’s an elephant’s favorite part of a tree?

The trunk!

19. Why do elephants need trunks?

Because they don’t have handbags.

20. What’s large in size, gray, and has red spots?

An elephant with chickenpox!

21. How can you tell if an elephant is under your bed?

Your nose will touch the ceiling.

22. What happens when an elephant gets lightheaded?

It ele-faints.

23. What did the elephant want for his birthday?

A trunk full of presents.

24. What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?

“I love you a ton!”

25. Why do elephants have trunks?

Because they would look funny with a suitcase.

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26. How does an elephant know what size clothes to buy online?

They use the elle-e-fit size chart.

Why are elephants so wrinkly? Because ironing them takes way too long.rd.com, Getty Images

27. Why are elephants so wrinkly?

Because ironing them takes way too long.

28. What animal is always up for an adventure?

Elephants! They have a trunk with them wherever they go.

29. What has big ears and makes toys for Santa?


30. What’s the only way an elephant flies?

By dumbo jet!

31. What’s big and gray and has horns?

An elephant marching band!

32. What’s as large as an elephant but weighs nothing at all?

An elephant’s shadow.

33. What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros?


Why are elephants always so broke? They work for peanuts.rd.com, Getty Images

34. Why are elephants always so broke?

They work for peanuts.

35. What do you call an elephant that hates taking baths?

A smellyphant!

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36. What wears glass slippers and weighs over 4,000 pounds?


37. Why did the elephant get pulled over?

He sped through the stomp sign.

38. What does an elephant mom say to her children every morning?

“I love each and ivory one of you!”

39. How do you keep an elephant from charging too much?

You take away its credit cards.

40. What’s an elephant’s favorite Star Wars character?

TUSKan Raiders.

41.The biggest ant in the world is called what?

An eleph-ant!

42. Why do elephants drink so much?

To try to forget.

43. What’s blue and have big ears?

An elephant at the North Pole. Find out why elephants have such big ears.

44. Why didn’t the African elephant like playing UNO?

There are too many cheetahs.

45. Why did the baby elephants get kicked out of the pool?

Their trunks kept falling down.

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