Here’s How to Transform a Tiny Entryway Into a Spacious Storage Area

Opening up a hall closet was all it took to turn Shelley's minuscule entryway into an excellent storage space.

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Fed up with the lack of storage space in her house, Shelley Smith took action and turned her hall closet into a clutter control center. “When everything has a place, it’s so much easier to keep life organized,” says the blogger at “Baskets for lightbulbs, extension cords and batteries were crucial. Those now-and-then necessities were always hard to find before we actually designated a spot for them.”

Once Shelley had her solution, she got started right away. “I decided to knock through my entryway wall before my husband even came home from work, so his reaction was priceless.” The crafty couple made big wooden drawers (at bottom of nook) using precut boards, rope for handles and a bit of handiwork. “No need to stack anything nicely for kids in a rush,” Shelley says. “They can just throw everything in, shove the drawer back in place, and everything looks clean and organized still!”

A Few Bright Entryway Storage Ideas

1. Maximize storage with extra baskets, shelving and hooks. “And don’t forget the labels,” Shelley says, “so everyone’s clear on what goes where.”

2. Sort mail, magazines, or schoolwork in wire desk trays to keep the paper pileup off your kitchen counter.

3. Switch out pillow covers by season, or hang string lights around the framed opening to dress up your nook. “It’s just fun to have a new space to decorate!” says Shelley.






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