What Can a Toothbrush Clean Besides Teeth?

Spare your old toothbrush from the trash — use it for one of these 7 cleaning ideas.

Use as all-purpose cleaners
Don’t throw out your old toothbrushes. Instead, use them to clean a host of diverse items and small or hard-to-reach areas and crevices. Use a toothbrush to clean artificial flowers and plants, costume jewelry, combs, shower tracks, crevices between tiles, and around faucets. Also clean computer keyboards, can-opener blades, and around stove burners. And don’t forget the seams on shoes where the leather meets the sole.

Brush your cheese grater
Give the teeth of a cheese grater a good brushing with an old toothbrush before you wash the grater or put it in the dishwasher. This will make it easier to wash and will prevent clogs in your dishwasher drain by getting rid of bits of cheese or any other item you may have grated.

Remove tough stains
Removing a stain can be a pain, especially one that has soaked deep down into soft fibers. To remove those deep stains, try using a soft-bristled nylon toothbrush, dabbing it gently to work in the stain-removing agent (bleach or vinegar, for example) until the stain is gone.

Clean silk from ears of corn
Before cooking shucked corn, take an old toothbrush and gently rub down the ear to brush away the remaining clingy strands of silk. Then you won’t have to brush them out from between your teeth after you eat the corn!

Clean and oil your waffle iron
A clean, soft toothbrush is just the right utensil to clean crumbs and burned batter from the nooks and crannies of a waffle iron. Use it to spread oil evenly on the waffle iron surface before the next use too.

Apply hair dye
Dyeing your hair at home? Use an old toothbrush as an applicator. It’s the perfect size.

Clean gunk from appliances
Dip an old toothbrush in soapy water and use it to clean between appliance knobs and buttons, and raised-letter nameplates.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest