If You See This Message on Facebook, Don’t Click! It’s a Virus.

Hackers could be making a lot of money off of this cyber scam.


Facebook users, watch out! A new malware is circulating via Facebook Messenger, according to top antivirus and cybersecurity firms. And although the popular social media platform can keep your personal information private, it can’t protect you from this scary virus.

“Look out! Don’t click!” Denmark’s CSIS warns users in a Facebook post. “Another aggressive worm is spreading through Facebook’s messenger system.”

Victims receive a message sent from a contact that contains a bit.ly or t.cn link, the name of the user, and the word “Video.” Clicking on the link redirects users to an external site that eventually tricks them into installing the malware. The link’s exact site depends on the operating system and browser you use, according to Kaspersky senior security researcher David Jacoby.

The malware is likely spreading thanks to stolen Facebook logins, hijacked browsers, or clickjacking.

Experts say this virus is a type of adware, which pushes pop-up ads on victims’ computers and could access information in their Facebook accounts. In a blog post, Jacoby notes that the hackers behind the cyber scam are “most likely making a lot of money in ads and getting access to a lot of Facebook accounts.”

Another cybersecurity firm, Avira, warned its followers about the malware via Twitter:


Did you receive a message like this? Don’t panic! Simply ignore the message and delete it without clicking on the link.

Since cyber scams could pop up anywhere, it’s best to remain suspicious of any online link that appears odd or out of the ordinary. Be sure to watch out for these seven other common online scams, too.

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Brooke Nelson
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